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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Painting on location in Melrose Bay Gallery's Open Air Arts was a blast!

Bygone Days- Original Plein Air Oil Painting, 8"x10", Tina Corbett Copyright 2015

Crooked Palm- Original Plein Air Oil Painting, 9"x12", Tina Corbett Copyright 2015

Little Church in Melrose - Original Plein Air Oil Painting, 6"x6", Tina Corbett Copyright 2015

Two Cats at Rest - Original Plein Air Oil Painting, 11"x14", Tina Corbett Copyright 2015
It was 8 days of painting, almost every day, in the beautiful town of Melrose, Fl.  Traveling 45 minutes from my home was a bit of a trip but worth every minute.  The weather certainly cooperated and it was perfect. The first location was where I painted "She Guards the Gate". The street was breathtaking. This gate was in front a huge house and property that was very meticulously taken care of. The sun just hit the flag and gate magically I had to paint it. While I was painting little tiny flowers kept falling off the surrounding trees and into my painting palette.

The week before the public painting days on Sat. & Sun., we painted either on our own or on the properties of people in the area who graciously hosted us. "Bygone Days" is where I painted at in Keystone where a fellow artist's lives on a little bay called Brooklyn Bay. Who knew there was a bay in Florida called Brooklyn after my childhood home?  I painted another painting of Brooklyn Bay, 6"x6", not pictured here, but on sale at The Melrose Bay Art Gallery thru April 26.
Two Cats at Rest, was painted on a grand day. A property owner offered his place to us on the Melrose Bay called "Singing Fishes". Driving thru the place there is a big cute sign saying that and by the water are three singing fishes statues. The view of the bay was amazing and he had the two catamaran's there just begging to be painted.
All of us, participating artists, cumulated all our hard work at the reception, last Saturday, at the gallery and many sales were made to happy art patrons who enjoyed good food and great art.  The show runs until April 26, and is open for Melrose's Artwalk, Friday, April 3. The gallery is located at 103 SR 26, Melrose, FL. South side of SR 26; West of SR 21, Phone: (352) 475-3866, Hours Sat.10 am - 6 pm, Sun.1-5 pm.