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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Always willing to learn!

      One of my yearly goals that I have set for myself was to take two art workshops per year.  Each time I always try to take lessons from a different artist. I feel this helps me grow as a well rounded artist. Sometimes, I take a workshop for oil painting and other times it is in a totally foreign medium. This year I am getting out of my box and learning how to paint in watercolor. Linda Pence, a wonderful, eclectic artist in Gainesville, teaches watercolor and has studio time in 6 weeks intervals, once a week. You can see her schedule on her website I did the first 6 weeks and I just signed up for another session.

     Watercolor is a totally different medium for me.  I have had to dig deep to not approach my painting like an oil painting.  It has been fun and challenging and I have met a whole new group of artist friends. Getting out of my creative box is always fun!

This very expressive pelican was from a photo I took in Cedar Key while visiting it with my cousin Denise.

These natural eggs I bought from my friend, Lu Ann who has a wonderful chicken farm was a real challenge with all those values.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Painting in the Dark - A new experience!

Patricia Veatch, me, and Karen LeMonnier

I had to use a chair as an easel because I forgot mine!

Karen and Patricia hard at work.
Saturday night proved to be a challenge and an exciting adventure for me and my friends. Fellow artists, Karen LeMonnier, Patricia Veatch and I were were invited to participate in an annual event at Kanapaha Botanical Gardens Saturday night, called The Moonlight Walk.  Tim Malles, artist friend, organizer of The Hogtown Plein Air Painters Club, of which we are members of, invited us. Tim is also a member of the Alachua Astronomers Club who actually puts the event together. The group sets up several telescopes to observe the heavens and to educate the public to the wonders of astronomy, they set up several fun things to do. The gardens also had 1500 luminaries set up throughout to make things beautiful. The place soon became crowded with happy people waiting in anticipation for the skies to clear.

Another local artist and friend, Peter Senesac joined us and we were able to start painting at dusk. It soon became extremely dark.  Unfortunately, it was very cloudy so there was little moonlight to help give us highlights to paint in the dark and for the astronomers to see the planets and the stars.  The night was still fun with delicious strawberry shortcake for the artists made by Tim's wife, Joanne.  Karen's family also joined her and enjoyed the gardens and activities. When the night took over, I soon discovered that my headlight, meant to help me see to paint, became a lighthouse for the local bug population! So Patricia and I decided we would finish our paintings at home.  Fun was still had by all.