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Monday, October 28, 2013

Let the Festaval's Begin...

My Booth at Thornebrook

Fall is always so beautiful up here. It is just invigorating! The humidity has subsided and you just want to dance outside!  Two weeks ago was the Art Festival at Thornebrook in Gainesville and the weather and the art drew us all outside!

Thornebrook Festival was very nice and an ok festival the crowds were not as I had hoped on Saturday and I think it was because of the Gator Game that happened to be on TV. Sunday was a much better day for everyone.

The crowds at Mount Dora.
This past weekend I met my friends from South Florida for the Arts & Crafts Festival in Mount Dora. We had a delicious lunch and then glided through the intense crowd to find our own treasures. It was a great festival and I bought a birthday present at my friend Robin's cousin's cork art booth. Then I found this fabulous leaf plate for my fire place and a ceramic artist who had great stuff. Parking was tough though, because the town was packed. Robin's uncle lives in Mount Dora so I was able to park at his house so that made life a little easier.

Mount Dora is a lovely place with historic homes and amazing vistas with it's lakes.  I would really love to plein air paint there soon. Put that on my list of things for 2014.

The cool thing is I got accepted for the Mad Hatter's Art Festival next month in downtown Coconut Grove, November 16-17. More info to come soon!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Looking for a great Holiday gift - Check out the Summer House Gallery at Kanapaha Gardens in Gainesville

The Cobblestone Way

Stairway to Heaven I

Bridge of Dreams

Banana Trees at Kanapaha
Last month I participated in the Worldwide International Plein Air Paintout at Kanapaha Gardens in Gainesville. It was such a wonderful weekend.  I was priviledged to paint with so many artist friends and some of the work produced would blow you away.  All the paintings from the 16 different artists will be shown at the Summer House Gallery Exhibition until Jan. 6, 2014. Kanapaha Gardens is located at 4700 SW 58 Drive in Gainesville, west of I-75, off of Archer Road.

There is such a variety of wonderful painting available and they make wonderful Holiday gifts, why not check them out at the gardens.  Did you know that 40% of all the sales goes to keeping these beautiful gardens going? So you can buy a once in a life time gift and donate to a wonderful cause.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Info about Copyright's for Artists very important!

I just saw this on Facebook from my artist friend Esteban Barturen from Miami it is great information to protect your art.  An art marketing hangout called Xanadu Gallery posted this great video. It is something to think about how to protect our art with copyrights!.

It is hard because by nature we are not the best business savey individuals. As artists we don't think with that side of our brains.  So we are constantly having to work on being more organized and run our creative side like a business.  I am a constant work in progress!

Tale of Two Turtles 9"x 12" now on sale on my website Tina Corbett Fine Art