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Friday, August 30, 2013

Morning Plein Air Painting at Dudley Farms with my buds!

Starting my painting.
Almost done.
Sue Ellen and Karen.

Craziness has set in with this pic!


Great day at Dudley Farm in Newberry with buds, Karen, Karen, and Sue Ellen. It was a gorgeous day and really wasn't excruciatingly hot until we left at noon. It is a picturesque place, with many magical places to pick for painting subjects.  Historic Dudley Farm is a state park and working farm located in the east part of the town of Newberry and west of Gainesville off of Newberry Road. They have a yearly art plein air paintout that attracts many artists and visitors and is a great fund raiser for the park.  When I first moved to this area I attended the paint out as a visitor and loved all the paintings the artist's were creating. It was my first experience seeing a Plein Air event. I was sold on how cool it was.
The gorgeous barn

Friday, August 23, 2013

Save the Dates!!! Sept. 13,14,& 15, 2013 Kanapaha Botanical Gardens

The Lily Pad Pond at Kanapaha is still available at the Newberry Firehouse Gallery

Some of the great bamboo growing at the gardens sold in Miami.

The time has come around again for the Worldwide International Paint Out and I will be participating for the second time with other artists at the beautiful Kanapaha Gardens in Gainesville. Here is some of the work I did last year.  It was my first Plein Air official event and I had a blast.  I sold two of the paintings from that event.  The other two are hanging at the Newberry Firehouse Art Gallery, in downtown Newberry, FL and the other is at my coop, High Springs Art Coop, on main street in High Springs. I am looking forward to doing it again.  Hopefully with all this rain the flowers will be in full bloom!
          The following info was taken from the garden's website
 "Local landscape artists will be gathering to create live paintings at Kanapaha Botanical Gardens. The 3 day event is part of the 11th Worldwide Artist Paint Out, sponsored by International Plein Air Painters, linking artists and locations all over the world and promoting art as a universal language that has no borders. The lush settings and vistas of Kanapaha Gardens will offer the artists an abundance of inspiration. The gardens have long been a muse for the local creative community, and hosted in 2002 one of the very first paint outs in Florida. Since then, these events have seen an explosion of popularity and patronage. Come join us! Witness the mysterious creative process as you stroll through the gardens from artist to artist. They will marvel you with their sleight of hand as they magically create masterpieces before your very eyes! "
The fabulous Spanish Moss at the gardens sold.

  This was painted in the woods next to the Bamboo Gardens This painting is still available at the coop.
Save the Dates and hopefully I will see you there!!!!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Attention all Plein Air Painters - The Best Invention since Ice Cream!!!!

Me starting my painting.
Last year when I got accepted at my very first official Plein Air Event at the Kanapaha Gardens in Gainesville I got turned on to the coolest gadget! A must have for the endless war against mosquito's for the artists painting outdoors.  The week before the event, I went on a scouting exhibition for cool painting locations at the gardens.  I literally ran through the bamboo gardens to escape the nasty biting bugs! I told my husband about it that night at dinner. He went to his box of hunting equipment and pulled out this handheld TV remote size device and said this is your answer.  

The ThermaCELL is propane powered, no batteries no mess.  There is a little bottle of propane that you pop in on the bottom and then slide the small blue refill pad behind the grate. You can hook it onto a belt, hang it on your easel or like I did, placed it right below my chair by my feet. It is safe and odor free, no need to spray your skin with anything!  It is a popular piece of equipment for hunters who cannot have anything with any scent or noise.

Almost done, just need a few touchups!
I bought mine at the sporting goods department at Walmart for about $19, where you can also buy the refills. My blue pad has lasted three times and I have not replaced it yet. My husband tells me that when the pad turns white you need to replace it. You can also buy other ThermaCELL products such one that can be set in the middle of a picnic table that is larger. I bought some for my son in law, Scott, for when they barbeque at their home.
Karen LeMonnier

I used my ThermaCELL this past Saturday while painting on the Santa Fe River with my buddies, Karen LeMonnier, Patricia Veatch and other lovely lady artist friends!


Karen Kerowack