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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer is fun in High Springs!

"In the Shadows"

The recent Spiked Ice Event at the High Springs Art Coop was a blast.  It was technically an adult ice cream social. We had several flavors of ice cream with various liqueurs and my favorite toppings, nuts, oreo cookies, strawberry's and fudge and caramel syrups. The gallery was packed and it was a great night.

Bullwinkle making friends.
Each coop artists submitted two pieces of art for the guest artist wall and will be featured throughout the month of July.  This is my horse painting which I call "In the Shadows".  This lovely quarter horse lives on the large property on the northwest side of ours in High Springs. He is one of several gorgeous horses that roam freely there.  I took this pic when I was walking Bullwinkle.  They seem to like him and only come near me by the fence when I have the dog.

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