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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Having a blast at the Melrose Bay Open Air Arts

I almost passed this scene but saw my friend Susan Koon, painting it on the side of the road, I stopped to talk and then decided to stay and paint it with her!
A small 6" by 6" Azaleas from the first day.

This week has been a world wind of painting and fun. At the last minute I found out I was excepted to the Melrose Open Air Arts.  It is a yearly art celebration in a lovely town in the middle of North Florida between Gainesville and Saint Augustine.  The town boasts 4 art galleries with one stop light.  It has several lakes, farms and lakeside homes that is so incredibly charming.  As you walk through the residential part of the town along the lakes, you smell orange blossoms. I found it intoxicating and inspiring. Even though you weren't required to go out every day of the week long event, I was drawn to paint there everyday except one.  I tried to rest that day but felt like I was losing time to create by taking a day off.

I am literally exhausted.  I created 9 paintings! The most I have ever done in such a short time.  I painted as loose as I could to create these and learned much in a week.  All the participating artist and volunteers who ran the Plein Air event were warm and helpful.  I made many new friends this week.  The town of Melrose welcomes artists, they encourage you to paint on their lovely properties, and feed you too!  It was a blast.  Here are the pics of scenes I painted and most of the paintings.  One sold last night and the rest will be for sale until April 21 at the Melrose Bay and Bellamy Galleries in the town of Melrose.

The Rosse Dock "Bill's Boat"

Road to the Butterflies.

Melrose Bay Park

One of my personal favorites, the Homemakers Club.
"Naranjas - "Capturing the intoxicating Oranges.
Green House with a dog
The dog drew me in here, he was so friendly and beautiful I couldn't resist staying to paint.

Very First Painting of the Paint Out

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