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Saturday, February 9, 2013

19 Days and counting.......More art to come!

Sooo excited 19 days until I retire from the US Postal Service and things are looking good. In the past month I sold the large Raccoon Painting, "The Three Musketeers" at the Newberry Firehouse Art Gallery. It is a little sad to let it go, like a long lost relative.  It has been with me awhile and I almost wasn't going to sell it but it really didn't match anything in my house. Sometimes your work can feel so a part of you, if you are an artist you would understand.

Then I found out I was accepted to show at The Gifford Lane Art Stroll held on that street in Coconut Grove in Miami, Sunday March 3.  It is a one day affair from noon until 5pm.  Like it on Facebook and come visit me! My brother in law, Russell is my Miami Roadie!

Two weeks ago a previous patron of mine was passing through town and commissioned me to redo the previously sold painting  "On the Way Home". You may recognize it from before.

I also was commissioned by a friend to do an large painting that I will start after the Miami show.

Today the weather was absolutely gorgeous, and there were many strollers walking around town and some came into the High Springs Art Coop. I was working the latter shift  at the gallery, making some headway on the Tybee Island pic and the Turtles on the Santa Fe River, they are both coming along.  I would really like them ready for Miami in a few weeks. We will see.  Last night the Grady House painting sold too. So things are looking good lately for my post Post Office art career. 

Below you can see more progress on the paintings I did tonight. Hopefully I can finish them next week and start on hayfield pic I layed out some time ago.  I hope to have these new works ready for new events ahead!

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