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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Let's Catch up!

Hanging and for sale now at Kanapaha Gardens from the paintout!

Almost didn't put this in the festival, good thing I did it sold!

Thornebrook Art Festival in Sept. in Gainesville, FL

Kanapaha Gardens Paintout, both paintings at the gardens in Gainesville, are for sale through January.

Shown for the first time at Thornebrook Art Festival in Gainesville in Sept. "Rum Island Canoe"

"Two Flags", also at seen first at Thornebrook both paintings now at High Springs Art Coop.
This one sold at Thornebrook, "Swimmers at the Springs"
This was the third painting from the Kanapaha Gardens Paintout.  It just sold at the coop!
The past few months have been insane.  Paintouts, festivals, parents weekend for my son at FSU, parties with friends and our huge annual Black & White Party and Artwalk at the High Springs Art Coop. Whew.....  Now I can breathe and get ready for the holidays. 

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