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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Getting it together!

I have been on a painting frenzie!  Now that I have free weekends from my postal service job life is fun again. This past Sunday, went kayaking with my husband down the Santa Fe River and it was great, I will post that adventure next time, amazing photos coming.  I went walking with Bullwinkle the best Great Dane in the world, and taking beautiful morning pics on our property in High Springs.

So getting it together for my upcoming show again at Thornebrook Art Festival, Sat. and Sun. Sept, 29-30. in Gainesville.  It is right off of 43 Street. Click on the link and see all the info. The top two pics are paintings I have been working on for a couple of weeks for it.  The St. Augustine Lighthouse and Tiger Swimming II are all ready for the festival.  One of two paintings I have done of the tiger were pics taken at the Jacksonville Zoo.  The St. Augustine pic was a combination of several pics from the past.  The bottom pic is three paintings that I just started, one of my property, one of a super farm by LaCrosse, Florida after the rain last week, and and the bottom one of the amazing horses that live next door of our road.  I had to work for Karen last Saturday at the art coop and was able to get lot of work done. See you soon!

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