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Sunday, May 13, 2012

A one woman show!

 Getting ready for my one women art show at Newberry's Firehouse Gallery.  This lovely little gallery is fitted into an old firehouse on the main street in the town of Newberry, Florida, is run by several great ladies, Dana and Barbara.  It has several rooms, one main room is dedicated to the theme of that month's show and the hallway and adjacent room have many diversified works of other local artists. The gallery houses the Main Street Organization who sponsors it. It is set up as a starting point for tourists and visitors looking to learn more about the area.
       Newberry is a town set to explode with popularity. Several sports centers will be opening or are open already.  They have opened a major complex for archery, it has one of the best dirtbike tracks in the country, and is now the center for Little League Baseball training in the entire country. They expect many visitors to be passing through town with young families.  On the eastside of the gallery is one of the best barbecue places around, The Backyard Barbecue, and on the westside of the gallery is a new restaurant called The Firefly.  Check out the website for Newberry Florida Sports for more info. 
     Pictured here are two of my new works in progress of the Tiger in a pool in the Jacksonville Zoo, part of the Beasts series. The one below is of an Indian women, inspired by many of my Hari Krishna customers at the Post Office who come in with their ceremony dress at certain times in the year.  I will post there finished pics in a week or two!
   Come hang out with me at the gallery for the reception and see the new and old figurative and animal art works.  See you there!

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