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Saturday, January 7, 2012

If you build it they will come.......

You can see the bird on the roof and the bird to the left of the house in the tree.

One bird was already in the house and here goes another one!
They were all over!

Just like the movie "Field of Dreams", except I didn't build this, I bought this birdhouse over a year ago, painted it like a country tudor house and had my husband put it outside and the birds have finally come!  I bought it from my friend, Bonnie, at her beautiful store in Alachua, The Garden Galery.  My husband complained because it was "too nice" to put outside and he didn't feel like building the pedestal.  Well look at it now, there is a Bluebird orgy in the house!!! Soon I may have little Bluebirds nesting in my house.  Of course, negative Nancy, my husband, says now there will be bird poop on the cars.  I am excited. This is what happens when you live in the country, you learn to take the time to enjoy the lovely things around you!