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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sara the mule, shines for Christmas.

Sara is the name of my recent Pet Portrait for my loyal friend, Buddy and Elizabeth.  Buddy purchashed the painting as a Christmas gift for his wife, Elizabeth. After some minor corrections, the painting was done and both of them loved it, even paying me more than I asked for it.  Sara was so cute.  She and the other mules on Buddy's and Elizabeth's farm were so friendly and fun. Very affectionate animals, they behave like dogs with their owners. 

I never knew a mule could be such a cool pet.  Elizabeth rides her all the time and goes on great camping and riding adventures with Sara.  They offered to give me one of the mules or one of their donkeys.  For a short moment I was tempted, I thought that my grandgirls would adore having one of them to visit everytime they come to our house but then I came to my senses and said no thank you.  I think our 3 dogs and one horse are enough for now!

Hope you all had a wonderful Hanukkah, and Christmas and have a blessed New Year!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Telling a story - “Painting a Compelling Still Life” at the Doris

 This past Thursday I did a fun workshop at the Doris Art and Cultural Center with artist Annie Pais.  Met lots of cool ladies and we worked on several pieces.  The top piece was a flower I took from my art friend, Roz Miller.  It was fun to do a pastel and pastel pencil drawing but I didn't really tell a story with that one.  The second one was more my finished piece.  Annie wanted us to write a short essay about our work so below is mine.

The idea when we began this Still Life project was to tell a story and to paint what you love.  Looking around my house I saw things I inherited from my family. The things I saw called out to me emotionally.  My mother recently passed away and she was the last of that generation in my family to go.

This painting invokes those memories in a way that expresses how my ancestors had respect and pride in the way they lived their lives.  Each item represents that idea.  The dignified picture of my grandmother, Santina Lanza, standing with my grandfather, Angelo Lanza, both impeccably dressed, and she was pregnant with my dad in the picture.  The shoeshine box my father kept with all the used brushes inside.  His shiny cuff links he wore every time he dressed to go out.  The last and most memorable, Angelo's magnificent Fedora hat....

My family of immigrants sailed on the ship, The Dora, in the steerage section, landed at Ellis Island, from small town in Italy. The other half of my family from Puerto Rico in the 1920's.

This rich heritage gives me inspiration for future paintings and lots of stories to tell.....

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Let's Catch up!

Hanging and for sale now at Kanapaha Gardens from the paintout!

Almost didn't put this in the festival, good thing I did it sold!

Thornebrook Art Festival in Sept. in Gainesville, FL

Kanapaha Gardens Paintout, both paintings at the gardens in Gainesville, are for sale through January.

Shown for the first time at Thornebrook Art Festival in Gainesville in Sept. "Rum Island Canoe"

"Two Flags", also at seen first at Thornebrook both paintings now at High Springs Art Coop.
This one sold at Thornebrook, "Swimmers at the Springs"
This was the third painting from the Kanapaha Gardens Paintout.  It just sold at the coop!
The past few months have been insane.  Paintouts, festivals, parents weekend for my son at FSU, parties with friends and our huge annual Black & White Party and Artwalk at the High Springs Art Coop. Whew.....  Now I can breathe and get ready for the holidays. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Getting it together!

I have been on a painting frenzie!  Now that I have free weekends from my postal service job life is fun again. This past Sunday, went kayaking with my husband down the Santa Fe River and it was great, I will post that adventure next time, amazing photos coming.  I went walking with Bullwinkle the best Great Dane in the world, and taking beautiful morning pics on our property in High Springs.

So getting it together for my upcoming show again at Thornebrook Art Festival, Sat. and Sun. Sept, 29-30. in Gainesville.  It is right off of 43 Street. Click on the link and see all the info. The top two pics are paintings I have been working on for a couple of weeks for it.  The St. Augustine Lighthouse and Tiger Swimming II are all ready for the festival.  One of two paintings I have done of the tiger were pics taken at the Jacksonville Zoo.  The St. Augustine pic was a combination of several pics from the past.  The bottom pic is three paintings that I just started, one of my property, one of a super farm by LaCrosse, Florida after the rain last week, and and the bottom one of the amazing horses that live next door of our road.  I had to work for Karen last Saturday at the art coop and was able to get lot of work done. See you soon!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

 Lots of things happening.  Thornebrook Art Festival is right around the corner.  The last weekend of September, 9/29-30, so I am crazy busy trying to finish some recent paintings.  It rained the entire day so I got a lot of painting done at the coop.  There were so few customers.  I decided to add some more landscapes to my showing. Here is the St. Augustine Lighthouse. I always loved it and I think it will make an interesting painting to hang at Thornebrook. It is not completed but it should be next week.  I will have this one, The Tiger, and "Refuge", St. Pauls Chapel painting all done by next weekend.

This past week, I was really excited because I was invited to participate in the 10th World Paint Out held at the Kanapaha Botanical Gardens here in Gainesville, Fl.  I will be painting live at the gardens on Sept. 14, and 15 and then hang my work at their gallery.  It is my first large paint out and it is a privilege that I was selected.  Great artists and friends Tim Malles and Sue Johnson will be doing it too so it should be lots of fun.  I will fill you in on more in the coming weeks.

Some of you know that our dog Scooby, the fawn Great Dane we rescued 4 years ago has been quite sick. Something happened to his leg, three weeks ago and he hasn't been the same since.  It went limp and then got infected. He lost his appetite and came close to being put down.  With the help of Hilltop Animal Hospital he is much better now.  Although he is still limping but the infection is under control.  He is eating most of the time but he keeps having accidents in the house so I have to keep him quarantined in the kitchen.  I am not sure if it is the large amount of antibiotics he is on or if he has some other underlying problem.  I will keep you posted on his progress.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

New and old work!

The most recent work involves renewing work on St Paul,s Chapel across from Ground Zero. Check out their website for more info on the church "Opened in 1766, St. Paul's Chapel is Manhattan's oldest public building in continuous use - a place where George Washington worshiped and 9/11 recovery workers received round-the-clock care. Part of the Episcopal Parish of Trinity Church, St. Paul's is a center for worship and the arts, a community of reconciliation, and a place of pilgrimage for all people. " It is still "in progress" and I plan to put some ghostly firemen into the mix.

I started the tiger pic to go into the Newberry Firehouse show but it didn't make it. It is another pic taken by my friend Tammy at the Jacksonville Zoo last year. I really am having fun painting this guy. The Girl from India is being show at Newberry. She is just a 12" x 9" . I have her for sale but I think I may do some refining work on her when the show comes down this week.
Wednesday I am attending a Critique at the Doris Center in Gainesville. I plan on bringing 3 figurative paintings, Lobster Season will be one and The Girl in the White Dress with be another. The artist who will do the critique is amazing, Anthony Ackrill. I cannot express how much I admire his work. I aspire to paint like him so I really want to have his opinion of my work. He studied in Italy and has that old world style I love. I let you know how it goes.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Newberry Firehouse Gallery Show - Beauties and the Beasts.

 The show hangs until June 22 and the gallery is open every day during the week but closed on Saturday and Sunday.  If you get a chance to get to the town in Newberry stop by and check it out.  There are several other artists throughtout the gallery.  Had a nice showing at the reception.  The Backyard Barbeque and Firefly restaurants donated great eats too.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A one woman show!

 Getting ready for my one women art show at Newberry's Firehouse Gallery.  This lovely little gallery is fitted into an old firehouse on the main street in the town of Newberry, Florida, is run by several great ladies, Dana and Barbara.  It has several rooms, one main room is dedicated to the theme of that month's show and the hallway and adjacent room have many diversified works of other local artists. The gallery houses the Main Street Organization who sponsors it. It is set up as a starting point for tourists and visitors looking to learn more about the area.
       Newberry is a town set to explode with popularity. Several sports centers will be opening or are open already.  They have opened a major complex for archery, it has one of the best dirtbike tracks in the country, and is now the center for Little League Baseball training in the entire country. They expect many visitors to be passing through town with young families.  On the eastside of the gallery is one of the best barbecue places around, The Backyard Barbecue, and on the westside of the gallery is a new restaurant called The Firefly.  Check out the website for Newberry Florida Sports for more info. 
     Pictured here are two of my new works in progress of the Tiger in a pool in the Jacksonville Zoo, part of the Beasts series. The one below is of an Indian women, inspired by many of my Hari Krishna customers at the Post Office who come in with their ceremony dress at certain times in the year.  I will post there finished pics in a week or two!
   Come hang out with me at the gallery for the reception and see the new and old figurative and animal art works.  See you there!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Plein Air Class in Melrose

The finished painting.
Almost done.

This the view I took.

Bonnie Painting next to me.

Bonnie getting in the detail.

Pegg is in the background.

Pegg's watercolor comes to life.

Last week the weather was spectacular.  A perfect day for painting outdoors.  My friends, Bonnie, Peg and I took a short class on Plein Air in the lovely small town of Melrose.  The teacher chose kind of a strange spot to paint next to the Senior Community Center's alleyway.  I managed to find a decent view to paint by looking behind the building.  The big oak above and the azaleas next to it with the road made a nice painting.  We had fun.  After the class we tried to visit the three galleries in Melrose but most had little art to see because they were getting ready for the huge paint out this week that is held in the that area, Melrose Open Air Arts.  I hope to participate in that venue next year if I am not working at the PO.

Melrose also has very picturesque lakes which is a great draw for many artists and boaters. I once painted a small painting of the lake and sold it.  It is a great art town since it pretty much only has the 3 galleries and a great restaurant called the Blue Water Bay.  We finished our day with some delicious shrimp there!

Monday, February 13, 2012

2012 Winter Fine Art Fair@Tioga is rolling around again!

This year I have been concentrating on unique small works.  Most are smaller than 6"x6" and they will sell for $50 and under.  I would have liked about 25 pieces but will only finish about 10-15.  I actually sold the purple tulips Sunday at the coop right off the wall.  A wonderful coop patron loved it. This is the second time I painted that picture.  I sold it as a 20" x 24" painting at Thornebrook Art Festival to a great couple from Alachua.  This is a few of them as I worked on them. 

The beach scene is Boulder Beach in South Africa and the tree is The Tree of Hope in South Africa.  My boss's wife took these great pictures and gave them to me.  The yellow hibiscus is also one of her pics.  I have painted 5 of her pictures already and sold 4 of them.  Two to my boss for a present for her.  She takes great photos!

The lighthouses are Sanibel Island in Florida and Tybee Island in Georgia.  The springs scene is Blue Springs close to my home.

I will post the finished ones soon.