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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year! 2012 here we come!

Check out beautiful Scooby, posing for another pet portrait!
Hope your holidays were wonderful and blessed.  Mine were, had a great Christmas with my husband, kids, dogs and my fabulous grandgirls!  For Christmas, my husband bought me Pro Panels for my art display tent for future festivals.  Now I can have a truly professional look at the art shows.  They are extremely light, which I was surprised.  That makes it so much easier to set up.

I did get accepted to the 2012 Winter Fine Arts Show at Tioga  again this year, so looking forward to that event.  It is the weekend of Feb.34-26, in the town of Tiogo in Newberry. If you remember this past fall I painted three small 6" x 6" paintings for the fundraiser at the new Doris Art & Cultural Center in Gainesville.  They sold them for $25 a piece and all three of mine were sold in the first 5 minutes.  That was very flattering for me.  It was really fun to paint them.  I paint them on the wide art boxes that can either hang or sit on a dresser. Those canvases are so versitile.  I plan to paint several of them this year all priced under $50 and will be ready for Tiogo. They make great gifts and you can put them anywhere, even if you don't have anywhere to hang any more art. Keep checking out my blog for updates on that work.

As I did 3 years ago I plan to use 2012 to improve my art with several workshops and studies to continually improve my craft.  I love old world style of painting and constantly am striving to imitate the style.

Check out my art at the High Springs Art Coop, main street High Springs!

Bullwinkle chillin by the Christmas tree.
So stay safe this weekend and have a wonderful Happy New Year!

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