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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Getting it done!

My mother-in-law has been staying at our house for a few weeks and during that time I lose my little studio. I had set up my son's empty room into an art studio since he went to college by moving stuff around and putting a large sheet over the carpet. It is a small space but it works for my easel, table and supplies. Plus the lighting is not too bad and I have a huge TV in there. Whenever we have guests it becomes a guest room and I pull my art stuff out. So recently I have actually set up my easil in my kitchen. I have been painting almost every day after dinner and after I clean up my kitchen for about 2 hours. Surprisingly I have gotten stuff done. I finished one 6"x6" , the Elephant, and started another one for The Doris Center fundraiser, finished a small but fun, painting of Ginnie Springs, and the Paris Street scene I started awhile ago. Both are pictured below.

The week before I also did a day at my friend, Bonnie's beautiful store, The Garden Gallery on Alachua's main street. I painted live and she set up a great display of my stuff. It was fun to spend the day with Bonnie. She is featuring a different artist every week that sells art at her store.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Figurative Art for Thornebrook Art Festival and a 6"x6" for the Doris Center

These are the newest work I started at the Coop. The first one is of Heather and her childhood best friend, Courtney. They are hanging out at a sports day event at school. If you remember and want to check it out on my website, I did another one of the two girls at Fisheating Creek.

The second painting brings back warm and fuzzy memories. It is a pic of my husband, Jay, in the white shirt and our good friend, Scott, in the red shirt. They were cleaning lobster that they caught on one of our many family trips to Key Largo and Moon Bay Resort. Those were wonderful times of beautiful weather, great friends and family times. It usually included several families with all their kids. We all loved those days. My kids adore those memories. Great eats were had too.

The last painting of the Elephant is actually almost done. This October 22, there will be a fundraiser at the new to open , Doris Cultural Center in downtown Gainesville. It is an event where all the art will be 6"x6" and sell for $25. Many artists and others are participating in this and it will be a great event. I will post more about it in the future.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

One done...One started!

Last week was a very productive day at the gallery. I finished my Girl in a White Dress. The photo is not the greatest, I will have to get Carl my photographer to take some good shots of her. She will make a good partner next to the Girl in the Pink Dress at Thornebrook Art Festival next month. I have lots to do the show is only 6 weeks away. I started 3 other paintings. One is above a large pic of my husband and our good long time friend, Scott. They were cleaning lobster in Key Largo on one of our yearly family vacations in the Keys. We always had so much fun and ate lots of great fish. We all have so many memories of those great times with our best friends and all the kids.