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Thursday, July 21, 2011

I need to get back to work!!! Painting that is.

This past weekend was spent at the springs with the family. The grandgirls and all the my kids came up and my cousin came from up north. We had a great time. Little Isabella was like a fish in the water at Blue Springs swimming all over that cool spring water. The adults couldn't handle the cold water.

Baby Addison just grew so much she is 2 months old already and showing lots of personality. Smiling a beautiful smile. She is so different from Bella, dark hair and blue eyes. A little Elizabeth Taylor!

Monday after most of the kids went home, my best cousin, girlfriend and I went to the Historic Hippodrome Theater in Gainesville for the 60's style play, Suds. It was so entertaining. It was fun to hear all those fun 60's songs.

The last time I was at the coop was two weeks ago. I hung the two pics of French alleyway and this one the mime in France, I now call "Andre". You can see them on my website,

I also worked on the "Girl in a White Dress" She is almost done. Her face needs work and her dress needs more contrasting values. The chair is also weird. I need to fix that. The original chair is clear acrylic and when I made it red the top part need to be filled in and not a clear hole. I will fix it this weekend. I need to work!