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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Progress at the Gallery

Today customers were waiting for me at the door of the High Springs Art Coop, to open at 11am. I sold one of these huge bells made out of recycled diving tanks. People love them and they have a fabulous sound. I often thought of getting one to call the dogs in from outside. They have a cool vibrating gong. There was a very nice woman in their group from an art coop in New Smyrna Beach and we compared notes and had a great conversation. So I didn't start painting until way after lunch.

I worked on the street scene of Italy, that my brother-in-law took the picture of, and the Paris Mime from Karen LeMonnjer's trip to France. I actually just finished the Italy pic when I got home but don't have a recent pic. I will take the finished pic and then put all the pics up to show the progression of that painting. It was a productive day. I am trying to get a few new pieces up at the gallery so I can move some of my local stuff to the FireHouse Gallery in Newberry. They want some fresh stuff. I will keep you posted on whats there.

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