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Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Cracker Horses of Alachua are done. I finished it today at the High Springs Art Coop. It was a slow day for business unfortunately so I got a lot of painting accomplished. The picture I took is not so great. I will get a more professional one taken for my website by Carl, a fellow artist and photographer.

I also did some work on my newest painting, Girl in a White Dress. I am doing it the same size as Girl in a Pink Dress which is on my website. I am keeping the palette towards a black and white theme to be part of our November Black and White Party at the Coop. I am also creating pieces to enter into future competitions and to continually work on improving on my figurative work. I decided to add the red sofa seat to give the painting a unique contrast.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Florida Cracker Horses

So this weekend was Pioneer Days in High Springs and lots of people flowed into the Coop. I did manage to work on the horse painting although I has many customers. The painting received a lot of attention and one lady in particular had interesting info on Cracker horses. She told us they were originally introduced by the Spanish. It was voted to be Florida's official state horse in 2008. The horse has an interesting history and at one point with the emergence of the quarter horse became quite rare almost extinct.
I found this website where you can learn all about the Florida Cracker horse, "Florida cowmen were nicknamed "Crackers" because of the sound made by their cow whip cracking the air. This name was also given to the small agile Spanish Horse essential for working Spanish cattle...."
My two horses that I found in Alachua, are really unique looking. The white one almost has a fantasy look to him. He reminds me of a unicorn from some fantasy movie. He is so different. It's been pretty cool to paint him and they are almost done.