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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New works in progress

This past weekend I finally started some new stuff. The "Girl in a White Dress" is my second endeavor of this type. If you remember I did the "Girl in a Pink Dress" on my website, This is just the basic layer of the oil painting.
The other painting is again in honor of "Pioneer Days" festival in High Springs this coming weekend, April 2 and 3, located in the sinkhole in the center of High Springs. I took some pics on my way from The Firehouse Art Gallery in Newberry. I had just dropped off some paintings when I saw these cracker horses grazing alongside County Road 235 in a pasture. I pulled over and took a lot of pictures of them as they posed for me like movie stars. They loved the attention. I am using a winter palette since this pic was this past winter. Both these paintings will have a mostly black and white theme. I want to do these because we are planning an Annual High Springs Art Coop later in the year and the theme will be "Black and White" Art. Below is the original pic. Remember both paintings are just the initial layer of paint and both need a lot more work. I will post new pics as I progress with there work.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Catching Up!

Life is so crazy, since the art show in February. I have been down to South Florida twice. My mom had major surgery and then had a set back. Plus I attended a really great wedding. So I haven't had time to post the finished paintings I have done. I called the first one "Her Father's Violin", a commission work for my friend Susan, who's son's wedding I attended. She loved it. Her father died tragically in a car accident years ago. This violin was his and he was a professional musician in a Miami Orchestra.

The last two paintings are of "Grady House" a lovely Bed and Breakfast in High Springs. It is a miniature, 5"x7". The other is a group of canoes at Blue Springs. I took that pic at the springs, last year when my daughter, cousin, and granddaughter were swimming and enjoying a hot day. Both paintings are for sale now at the High Springs Art Coop gallery in High Springs or on my web site,