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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wow what a day at the art fair!

The fair started last night with a super jazz band which played most of the evening. There was this painter who painted portraits of famous rockers. While their song was playing he finished the painting, in about 5 minutes. Pictured here where he was painting Jimi Hendrix. So cool to watch.

With the super weather it made for a great artsy atmosphere. I love my spot right next to the main circle and with great booth neighbors on both sides, Mike and Marvi Segal on one side and Steve Huss on the other. Pictured here is Mike's booth with his wonderful folk art of subjects you would love. The Segals are always great fun. They share their wise art fair advice but I expecially want to share their special song, called the be back song. I love it!.......

"Got Them Be Back Blues" (To the tune of Be Bop A Loola)

Chorus -
Be back a loola, I want that painting
Be back a loola, I don't mean maybe
Be back a loola, I got them be back blues

Stanza -
Well - who's those folks with the matching blue jeans
They want my painting and they offer me beans
I say OK and don't make a fuss
Then they tell me they left their checkbook in the buss

Chorus -
Stanza -

Been here all day and ain't sold a thing.
Suns going down, mosquitos startin to sting
Then a high falootin' art dealer starts to holler
I'll buy all your stuff for ten cents on the dollar.


Super funny when Marvi and Mike sing it.

Also seen here are a few samples on my miniature paintings. I just finished the two on hard board, Melrose Bay and a hayfield in Alachua.

Pics of my booth, I sold the "Wild Tulips" painting on the bottom left. A great couple from Alachua bought it. I was so excited to meet them. They bought from me before at the High Springs Art Coop. Another artist sold a small hayfield pic for me but never got their personal info so I couldn't keep in touch with them and thank them. So now I will have their address. It seems most of my patrons come out of my home town area. Can't wait until tomorrow!

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