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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Touching Base with the local scenery

It is a new year and with my commission Portraits almost completed, it is time to start new work. I have been out of it too long. I need something to pump me up and excite me. So I looked into my photo library for a cool pic to paint. I have been itching to paint more boats when I came upon my pic of Blue Springs. I took it while my family and I were swimming at the springs. It is a row of red canoes that just draws you in. I love the color of red, I would put it in every painting. I started this painting before the holidays and it is almost finished. It is a small painting and I plan on more of the same to make original art more affordable. The other factor is to paint more of the local scenery for sale at the High Springs Art Coop. Many gallery visitors are always looking for paintings and objects of the local area.

You may have noticed that I keep working on improving Robert's mom and dad portraits. But I plan on framing and wiring them this weekend and giving Robert the paintings. New projects are awaiting my attention, such as several workshop painting DVDs I want to work on. They should be very exciting since they show you how to paint in the style of the old master artists. I can't wait to share that with you.

Another painting I started before the holidays is almost completed. The violin painting for my best friend, Susan. She took the pic of her dad's violin and I am painting it for her as a gift for her retirement from the postal service. I am not sure I am happy the blue curtains behind it and may change that. I will post the finished paintings hopefully very soon.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Bring in the New Year" Sale

Happy New Year to all my friends! The holidays were a whirlwind of family, food and work at the Post Office but now it's time to get back to art. I finished the commission of "Murphy" and sent it to my daughter's friend for a Christmas present to her husband. They were very happy with it and I was very happy to paint it. I think I will use it for my holiday cards next year. The funny thing happened though. I mailed it to her Express Mail to make sure she received it before Christmas but the last thing she was interested in was the painting. When I called her to let her know it was in the mail she had just had a baby two hours before I called! What a shock, I was one of the first people to talk with her after her delivery!!!

I decided this year, sometime soon, to take a couple of days off from the Post Office to dedicate time to study. I had bought a couple of art workshop dvd's that I would like to work on, non stop and without distraction. I will set up my time as if I left town for a workshop and do nothing else. This will allow me to develop and create new and exciting new work this year. So, I have put several paintings on Sale to get ready for new work thus my....

"Bring in the New Year" Sale to get ready for new art. Seven paintings have been put on sale most with as much as $20 off and one with $35 off. They can be viewed on my website,, by clicking on the names below, and are located at the High Springs Art Coop. The paintings on sale are;

Forest Serenity - $155
Dream Path - $155
Sunset on Fire - $355
Blue Springs I - $145
Blue Springs II - $480
Butterly in Wildflowers - $300
El Color De South Beach - $750

Come see me at the Coop this Sunday. I will share free hot coffee with you and good conversation, High Springs Art Coop, 115 North Main Street High Springs, FL 32643.
Also, tomorrow night is out "Artist of the Month" reception, 6-9pm, with free wine and cheese. Come check out the superb watercolor work of the Colored Pencil Society of America - Gainesville Chapter.