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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year! 2012 here we come!

Check out beautiful Scooby, posing for another pet portrait!
Hope your holidays were wonderful and blessed.  Mine were, had a great Christmas with my husband, kids, dogs and my fabulous grandgirls!  For Christmas, my husband bought me Pro Panels for my art display tent for future festivals.  Now I can have a truly professional look at the art shows.  They are extremely light, which I was surprised.  That makes it so much easier to set up.

I did get accepted to the 2012 Winter Fine Arts Show at Tioga  again this year, so looking forward to that event.  It is the weekend of Feb.34-26, in the town of Tiogo in Newberry. If you remember this past fall I painted three small 6" x 6" paintings for the fundraiser at the new Doris Art & Cultural Center in Gainesville.  They sold them for $25 a piece and all three of mine were sold in the first 5 minutes.  That was very flattering for me.  It was really fun to paint them.  I paint them on the wide art boxes that can either hang or sit on a dresser. Those canvases are so versitile.  I plan to paint several of them this year all priced under $50 and will be ready for Tiogo. They make great gifts and you can put them anywhere, even if you don't have anywhere to hang any more art. Keep checking out my blog for updates on that work.

As I did 3 years ago I plan to use 2012 to improve my art with several workshops and studies to continually improve my craft.  I love old world style of painting and constantly am striving to imitate the style.

Check out my art at the High Springs Art Coop, main street High Springs!

Bullwinkle chillin by the Christmas tree.
So stay safe this weekend and have a wonderful Happy New Year!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lobster Season

Worked at the Coop today. I plan on entering this pic in a Gainesville Fine Arts Association competion this week. I figured I would enter "Woman in a White Dress", "When We were Young II" , and this one, "Lobster Season".

Saturday I went to the big Gainesville Downtown Art Festival with my friend. We had a great time, there was some really nice art and yummy junk food. The weather was fabulous. I bought an adorable framed Giclee of a water color Giraffe for granddaugher's birthday. Hopefully my daughter will hang it in her room!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Plein Aire Paint out in Gainesville

Recently I was invited to participate in my very first Plein Aire event. Yesterday we painting around 5th avenue in Gainesville. An older area slated for renovation the neighborhood is mostly African American. It if filled with history and hidden treasures of lovely cracker style homes and interesting architecture. I have never had so much fun painting. All the other artists were so warm and welcoming to me the new comer. My friends Sue and Tim are veteran Plein Aire Artists and invited me to join their group but with Post Office obligations time does not allow it for now.

Here you can see my first painting. I was able to finish it in 2 1/2 hours a first for me. It is Fletchers's Bar. I choose that place because of an old friend, Charlie, who used to tell us of his funny stories of his escapades in that bar. While I was painting outside lots of the local people and the owner came around to talk with me and loved my painting.

Then second picture is of an old fire station, then Health Dept. building and now the Willimena Johnson's Art Cultural Center. It is a fabulous building but as I started painting it, I realized it was quite the challenge with all it's architectural aspects. It is definitely more work that a few hours so I took it home to finish it. We have until Monday to hang it at Central Office Product's Gallery off of 6th Street in Gainesville. It was such a beautiful day, I can't wait to do it again!

I have not posted in awhile because I have been so busy. Three weeks ago I exhibited at Thornebrook Art Festival. It has taken me this long to mention it because although it was a lovely festival it wasn't very profitable for most of us artists. They had moved it up 2 weeks into September and it was soooo hot I thought I would pass out. My booth was in a great center location but in the full sun. It was exhausting.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Getting it done!

My mother-in-law has been staying at our house for a few weeks and during that time I lose my little studio. I had set up my son's empty room into an art studio since he went to college by moving stuff around and putting a large sheet over the carpet. It is a small space but it works for my easel, table and supplies. Plus the lighting is not too bad and I have a huge TV in there. Whenever we have guests it becomes a guest room and I pull my art stuff out. So recently I have actually set up my easil in my kitchen. I have been painting almost every day after dinner and after I clean up my kitchen for about 2 hours. Surprisingly I have gotten stuff done. I finished one 6"x6" , the Elephant, and started another one for The Doris Center fundraiser, finished a small but fun, painting of Ginnie Springs, and the Paris Street scene I started awhile ago. Both are pictured below.

The week before I also did a day at my friend, Bonnie's beautiful store, The Garden Gallery on Alachua's main street. I painted live and she set up a great display of my stuff. It was fun to spend the day with Bonnie. She is featuring a different artist every week that sells art at her store.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Figurative Art for Thornebrook Art Festival and a 6"x6" for the Doris Center

These are the newest work I started at the Coop. The first one is of Heather and her childhood best friend, Courtney. They are hanging out at a sports day event at school. If you remember and want to check it out on my website, I did another one of the two girls at Fisheating Creek.

The second painting brings back warm and fuzzy memories. It is a pic of my husband, Jay, in the white shirt and our good friend, Scott, in the red shirt. They were cleaning lobster that they caught on one of our many family trips to Key Largo and Moon Bay Resort. Those were wonderful times of beautiful weather, great friends and family times. It usually included several families with all their kids. We all loved those days. My kids adore those memories. Great eats were had too.

The last painting of the Elephant is actually almost done. This October 22, there will be a fundraiser at the new to open , Doris Cultural Center in downtown Gainesville. It is an event where all the art will be 6"x6" and sell for $25. Many artists and others are participating in this and it will be a great event. I will post more about it in the future.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

One done...One started!

Last week was a very productive day at the gallery. I finished my Girl in a White Dress. The photo is not the greatest, I will have to get Carl my photographer to take some good shots of her. She will make a good partner next to the Girl in the Pink Dress at Thornebrook Art Festival next month. I have lots to do the show is only 6 weeks away. I started 3 other paintings. One is above a large pic of my husband and our good long time friend, Scott. They were cleaning lobster in Key Largo on one of our yearly family vacations in the Keys. We always had so much fun and ate lots of great fish. We all have so many memories of those great times with our best friends and all the kids.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I need to get back to work!!! Painting that is.

This past weekend was spent at the springs with the family. The grandgirls and all the my kids came up and my cousin came from up north. We had a great time. Little Isabella was like a fish in the water at Blue Springs swimming all over that cool spring water. The adults couldn't handle the cold water.

Baby Addison just grew so much she is 2 months old already and showing lots of personality. Smiling a beautiful smile. She is so different from Bella, dark hair and blue eyes. A little Elizabeth Taylor!

Monday after most of the kids went home, my best cousin, girlfriend and I went to the Historic Hippodrome Theater in Gainesville for the 60's style play, Suds. It was so entertaining. It was fun to hear all those fun 60's songs.

The last time I was at the coop was two weeks ago. I hung the two pics of French alleyway and this one the mime in France, I now call "Andre". You can see them on my website,

I also worked on the "Girl in a White Dress" She is almost done. Her face needs work and her dress needs more contrasting values. The chair is also weird. I need to fix that. The original chair is clear acrylic and when I made it red the top part need to be filled in and not a clear hole. I will fix it this weekend. I need to work!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Progression of a Painting

This was a fun painting to do. I enhanced many warm colors and played with the shadows in the side street. This pic was taken by my brother-in-law, Russell, while he was traveling through Europe last year. It is a small medieval town in the mountains above Monaco, called Roguebroune,
France. It is framed and hanging at the High Springs Art Coop and available on my website,

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Exercising with the Boys!

It has been a long time since I have posted stories of the boys, Rocky, Bullwinkle and Scooby. They have been so bored. Involvement with the High Springs Art Coop. working at the Post Office and taking time off to be with family left the boys home and alone. So recently I started a walking regiment with them. Even thought the heat is almost unbearable . I usually walk Rocky and Bullwinkle first and then Scooby. Scooby goes without a lease because he is so good he hangs with me and doesn't run off. We walk from the house, around the horse pasture and then back, one time around for each dog. A pretty good work out for me.

Here is Bullinkle and Rocky as we start out.

Then Scooby, checking out the Pines and then coming to a finish. One day I walked Bullwinkle past some neighboring horses. I don't bring Scooby over there because he gets too radical towards the horses. These horses are beautiful.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Progress at the Gallery

Today customers were waiting for me at the door of the High Springs Art Coop, to open at 11am. I sold one of these huge bells made out of recycled diving tanks. People love them and they have a fabulous sound. I often thought of getting one to call the dogs in from outside. They have a cool vibrating gong. There was a very nice woman in their group from an art coop in New Smyrna Beach and we compared notes and had a great conversation. So I didn't start painting until way after lunch.

I worked on the street scene of Italy, that my brother-in-law took the picture of, and the Paris Mime from Karen LeMonnjer's trip to France. I actually just finished the Italy pic when I got home but don't have a recent pic. I will take the finished pic and then put all the pics up to show the progression of that painting. It was a productive day. I am trying to get a few new pieces up at the gallery so I can move some of my local stuff to the FireHouse Gallery in Newberry. They want some fresh stuff. I will keep you posted on whats there.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Beautiful Savannah!

For the past couple of weeks I have been everywhere. Down to South Florida with the grandgirls and up to Savannah GA. with my husband to a lovely Bed and Breakfast. Let me say first that the food was phennominal in Savannah. Lots of great restautants. A favorite was Mrs. Wilkes, which is a family owned restaurant in the basement of their old boarding house. You have to wait in line and it is only open from 11am until 2pm. It is an old fashioned family dinner where you sit with strangers and share about 20 or more sides and then unlimited country fried chicken. It costs only $16 per person and more than worth the wait. We were going to checkout Paula Dean's place but her wait was much longer and our hosts at the B&B said her restaurant was good but Mrs. Wilkes was better.
I managed to take lots of fabulous pics for possible future paintings. I posted a few. The weather was super with cool nights and comfortable days. My son said it was the same way here at home, we are only 3 hours from Savannah. I guess that was the last of the cool temperatures.
Yesterday I spent the day at the High Springs Art Coop and managed to start and work on a several paintings. I started two, one of a street scene in Paris and one a street scene in Italy. Both pics were taken by vacationing family and friends. I also worked on the other Paris pic of the mime I started a few weeks ago. I guess this can be my Europe series. I love so many things to paint and some people tell me I should focus on one subject but that is so boring. Switching around to whatever inspires me makes life colorful. Look at the older Masters and their subjects they were always painting scenery, flowers and people so, hey I can too!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Painting a Mural for Addison, my new granddaughter!

This weekend I had a great time, Sunday, was Mother's Day and I spent it will all the women in our family. My mom, mother-in-law, daughter, and two granddaughters. Addison is only two weeks old and I had to paint a mural for her room. I did one last year for Isabella if some of you remember I did a huge giraffe and tree with hearts. So this mural has a blonde monkey, Bella, and a brunette, monkey, Addison. The middle monkey is a boy monkey, maybe the future....

Monday, May 2, 2011

Around the World ... to Paris!

A fellow artist at the coop went to Paris with her husband last year and took some great shots while she was there. She is letting me paint two of her pics and this is one of my favorite. She had a great time with a street mime, shown here. I am pretty pumped to be painting him. This will be part of my figurative paintings. Sometimes I am all over the place with my painting subjects but I just paint what I love. Florida, Dogs, New York and now Paris. When I was a kid I dreamed of living in a one room flat in Paris, drinking coffee at a local cafe and being a bum artist. I never wanted riches just the life style of the struggling artist. Now that I am close to retirement from the US Postal Service, I am glad I will have a pension as a struggling artist. I like to eat, Ha! Ha! Watch the progression of this painting and next week I will post more of the Girl in a White Dress!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Cracker Horses of Alachua are done. I finished it today at the High Springs Art Coop. It was a slow day for business unfortunately so I got a lot of painting accomplished. The picture I took is not so great. I will get a more professional one taken for my website by Carl, a fellow artist and photographer.

I also did some work on my newest painting, Girl in a White Dress. I am doing it the same size as Girl in a Pink Dress which is on my website. I am keeping the palette towards a black and white theme to be part of our November Black and White Party at the Coop. I am also creating pieces to enter into future competitions and to continually work on improving on my figurative work. I decided to add the red sofa seat to give the painting a unique contrast.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Florida Cracker Horses

So this weekend was Pioneer Days in High Springs and lots of people flowed into the Coop. I did manage to work on the horse painting although I has many customers. The painting received a lot of attention and one lady in particular had interesting info on Cracker horses. She told us they were originally introduced by the Spanish. It was voted to be Florida's official state horse in 2008. The horse has an interesting history and at one point with the emergence of the quarter horse became quite rare almost extinct.
I found this website where you can learn all about the Florida Cracker horse, "Florida cowmen were nicknamed "Crackers" because of the sound made by their cow whip cracking the air. This name was also given to the small agile Spanish Horse essential for working Spanish cattle...."
My two horses that I found in Alachua, are really unique looking. The white one almost has a fantasy look to him. He reminds me of a unicorn from some fantasy movie. He is so different. It's been pretty cool to paint him and they are almost done.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New works in progress

This past weekend I finally started some new stuff. The "Girl in a White Dress" is my second endeavor of this type. If you remember I did the "Girl in a Pink Dress" on my website, This is just the basic layer of the oil painting.
The other painting is again in honor of "Pioneer Days" festival in High Springs this coming weekend, April 2 and 3, located in the sinkhole in the center of High Springs. I took some pics on my way from The Firehouse Art Gallery in Newberry. I had just dropped off some paintings when I saw these cracker horses grazing alongside County Road 235 in a pasture. I pulled over and took a lot of pictures of them as they posed for me like movie stars. They loved the attention. I am using a winter palette since this pic was this past winter. Both these paintings will have a mostly black and white theme. I want to do these because we are planning an Annual High Springs Art Coop later in the year and the theme will be "Black and White" Art. Below is the original pic. Remember both paintings are just the initial layer of paint and both need a lot more work. I will post new pics as I progress with there work.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Catching Up!

Life is so crazy, since the art show in February. I have been down to South Florida twice. My mom had major surgery and then had a set back. Plus I attended a really great wedding. So I haven't had time to post the finished paintings I have done. I called the first one "Her Father's Violin", a commission work for my friend Susan, who's son's wedding I attended. She loved it. Her father died tragically in a car accident years ago. This violin was his and he was a professional musician in a Miami Orchestra.

The last two paintings are of "Grady House" a lovely Bed and Breakfast in High Springs. It is a miniature, 5"x7". The other is a group of canoes at Blue Springs. I took that pic at the springs, last year when my daughter, cousin, and granddaughter were swimming and enjoying a hot day. Both paintings are for sale now at the High Springs Art Coop gallery in High Springs or on my web site,