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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas is right around the corner!

Time just seems to get away from me. This is always the craziest time of year for me. Working full time at the US Postal Service takes over my life. Mail is overwhelming, and my family comes and stays at my house several days and weeks starting with Thanksgiving. This year we had 6 dogs at the house, my 3, Bullwinkle, Rocky and Scooby, my daughters' s two, Louie and Zoe, and my son's new puppy, Moto, 8 months old. Baby, great grandma's, kids and dogs it was a zoo at my house. To say the least I am blessed by a household of family! After Thanksgiving, I attended my granddaughter's first birthday, ALREADY! The year went by so fast and even attended my first Hanukkah dinner at my daughter's in-laws house. It was really fun and the food scrumptious!

Through all this I have gotten behind on my artist committments. One is this pet portrait of Murphy. It is about 90% done and I will finish it at the gallery this Sunday. Here I show the original photo given to me and then the almost finished painting.

Murphy was the beloved dog of my daughter's friend. This is a gift to her husband for Christmas. Of course Christmas is only 9 days away! I will also have to work on Robert's mom portrait. His dad pic is done except for one correction I have to make to his chin. I will post all the finished pics next week.

Next year I think I will dedicate some more time to the study of painting. I have several dvd's to work on that are workshops in painting figurative and portrait painting like the old masters. I also would like to devote more time to drawing and the study of anatomy. I have purchased some good books by artists on anatomy. The more you study your craft the more accurate and easier your art becomes. Life is a continuing learning process. I wish to improve my art and expand the way I paint. The more I understand others painting technique the better I can become. Everyone can teach you something different.

I have also been in charge of the High Spring Art Coop blog so some of the latest things happening with the coop gallery can be read there. I was voted in as chairman for next year. so that will keep me very busy.

Check out the Art Coop, 115 North Main Street, High Springs, FL, if you are in town. I am usually at the coop on Sunday afternoons and serving hot coffee! I hope your holidays are shaping up well. Stop by the gallery and see some of the wonderful art. There are so many great things there in all price brackets no matter what your holiday budget is. I made some hand made ornaments with prints of some of my Florida paintings.

Until the next time we talk, Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!