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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chair art and Commissions

It has been so crazy since Thornebrook Art Festival. The festival was great, I sold two paintings and other small stuff. "On the Way Home" sold to a lovely couple from Gainesville. You can see that painting on my website, . So the shows sales are improving and it looks like the ecomony is on the way up, finally. I saw more people buying art than other shows in the past few years. The weather was breathtaking here in Northern Florida and it looks like fall season is beginning. I am now working on two commissions and a charity fund raiser.

The second portrait commission from my friend Robert is in progress, I am painting his mother. The photo he gave me is very old and I have to improvise on the skin color for his mom. I have to draw on my personal family history. Robert is hispanic and so his mother looks as if her skin color is a light olive tone. You can follow along with the progress on this painting. It is only in the first phase of painting.

I am also working on doing the Melrose Palm tree again. I sold the one at the Coop and now I have a customer who wants to buy that painting from Vero Beach and I am painting it again you can view the other painting sold on my website also.

The fund raiser is from the town of Newberry, which is down the road, south of High Springs. They are trying to build their Main Street program and have gotten local businesses to sponsor artists to paint old chairs to be auctioned off to raise money for their program. Several of us, coop artists are participating.

My chair is a "Country Harvest" theme. Check it out!

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