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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Getting work done!

Another great day at the High Springs Art CoOp. Customers were a little scarce perhaps because summer in winding down and people are preparing for school next week. Not too many strollers and shoppers in High Springs today. August has been slow and the record high temperatures may be the cause. Although I heard our "Artist of the Month" reception at the coop, two weeks ago was a great success with about 200 people. I was down south visiting my granddaughter.

I got lots of painting done as you can see if you compare the pics of these two paintings from last week to this week. The Central Park picture is coming along nicely and I think I will call it "The Bridge." Unless someone can comment with a better name. Give me a suggestion and if I pic it I will send you a notecard, free by mail!

The other painting of fisheating Creek is giving me a bit of trouble on the tiny faces of Heather and Courtney. I will let it dry some and then work on it again.

Both paintings still need work. Talk with you again soon!