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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

BIG little Auction at the High Spring Art Co-Op

Last Friday night we had a fun time at the auction in High Springs. Lots of people bid on many treasures. I won three items, a pen and ink, Schooner from Bob Dunn, a watercolor abstract from Tina Prizament and a watercolor print from Ron Baughn. I was outbid for a watercolor painting by Diana Fava that I really liked of a parakeet in an adorable position.

Here are the three miniature paintings I did for the event. These photos are not too good since I took them at the last moment and not with my best camera. Some friends came and won some cool stuff. My buddy, Rhoda and her daughter fiercely bid. Rhoda won my "Squirrel" painting and her daughter won my "White House." The squirrel was one of the ones I painted from those pics I took at LaCrosse Post Office when I first went to work there. The last pic is of a flower bush in St. Augustine at the historic site for the Fountain of Youth. High Springs artist, John Sterpe, won that one.

They were small 4"x 6" miniatures with little table easils. You can see more miniatures on my website,