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Sunday, April 11, 2010

He's still the King

Last weekend was lots of fun. It is great to be off on the weekends. I brought Bullwinkle to the High Springs Mutts and Pups Show. There were so many great looking dogs, including this amazing Russian Mountain dog. He was not as tall as Bullwinkle but twice as broad. He was huge. Bullwinkle almost lost his top spot as Biggest Dog. Which he won first place of course. He is pictured on the front page of the North Florida Herald, the front page of the Observer, and I was quoted in the Alachua Today newspaper, “He always wins the biggest contest,” said owner Tina Corbett, adding that he’d won the Best Dressed contest before, but had since outgrown his costume. “Somebody said, ‘Why do you keep entering him?’ I said, ‘Cause he’s still the king.’You can read the article by just clicking onto Alachua Today.

Then this Saturday I decided to check out the Santa Fe Spring Art Festival. I knew past festivals in Gainesville did not allow dogs at the show but I checked out the Santa Fe College and the Gainesville events websites and found nothing that said no dogs. So, I grabbed Bullwinkle and off we went to the show. It was a breathtakingly beautiful day. We first stopped at Jean's Grooming to visit with Jean, Lisa and Linda, and bought dog food. He is always so excited to go for a ride in the car. Once we found parking at the festival, we were only there five minutes when a cop made us leave. No dogs allowed!

I was bummed. Some nasty lady, I think was an artist, goes "doesn't anyone know how to read?" Apparently it was in the Gainesville Sun newspaper but I don't get that paper. I secretly cursed the nasty old biddy and hoped she had no art sales for the entire weekend. Bullwinkle and I turned around and went back to the car, I swear he knew and was just as upset as I was. I still wanted to check out the show and did not want to go all the way home to High Springs so I called Jean at Jean's Grooming since she was close. She agreed to dog sit for 2 hours. I brought him back and Jean put him into her largest, gated cell, where they board dogs. It was awful. He looked at me with his soulful eyes as if to say "why are you leaving me, you promised to take me out." It was just like leaving my kids at the babysitters when they were little and they cried and I felt like a heal. I did go back and hurried through the show and was back in 2 hours. When I opened the gate, Bullwinkle, bolted from the room and practically dragged me out of the store, he was so happy to see me and get into the car. Jean said he is very spoiled but well behaved. He did bark a little when I first left. I can never leave him in a strange space again!