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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday at the Co-Op

First I would like to thank a new friend to my blog, 過分 . I am not sure what your name is since you are writing in oriental characters, but I would love to know your name. Your comments are very much appreciated.

I did a lot of painting at the co-op this Sunday. My son-in-law. Scott will be so happy to see the progress on his Italy picture. It is almost done. I need to work on a few more details. Mostly concentrated on the water and the sky, I wanted the water to look like you would want to jump in it and the sky to reflect a beautiful sunset at dusk. I used a lot of medium to get that wet look. Wouldn't it be lovely to be there in Port-O-Fino right now, watching the boats come in and sipping some wine!

Then I worked on my cousin, Denise's pic, I am calling it, Denise's Garden. I promised her 2 years ago that I would give this to her for her 50th birthday. Well she may get it for her 52nd birthday! I actually painted this one before and sold it to a friend, but Denise liked it so much I repainting it for her slightly smaller. I feel it is finished but I may put in a third basket that was in the original painting that I left out of this one. I will decide that Sunday when I work at the co-op. Then when it drys I can finally give it to her! Her birthday is soon, April!!!

I also improved the pic of Central Park, it was too dark and the water wasn't quite where I wanted it to be. I may improve the values in this one also on Sunday.

I haven't painted at home lately, my son, Stephen, is a dirtbike racer and a college student who called me from the emergency room last Tuesday. He broke his shoulder riding and had to have surgery. He is recovering nicely and back at school. He is young, so they recover quick. Check out his cool website for his team, GSR, at and his blog, He was on spring break. He is a great kid but his love of extreme sports is making my husband, Jay an I, old, Ha! Ha! Talk with you soon.

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