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Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Winter Fine Art Fair at Tioga

Today I worked at the Co-Op, we had a decent amount of traffic today but not overwhelming. I was able to work on my "Lady in a Pink Dress." For some of you who have been keeping up with this perpetual pic, I changed her face. I put the models face back on her correct body. When I started this painting I had my daughter pose in the same position and tried to paint her face on the body. It was awful so I redid her face. I think it much better now and will show it at Tioga next weekend. I got a lot of positive feedback from our customers today. There was even another artist I just met gave his opinion and really liked it so I will bring it next weekend. She is for sale but if she doesn't sell she goes beautifully in my "Barbie" guestroom. There is a lovely cherry wood day bed with a pink bedspread, and a queen Ann antique dresser in there and she fits in perfect. That is the reason I painted her in the first place.

I worked on a couple of small pics which I will show you later in the week, but I finished "Central Park from 5th Ave" today too. This was a pic I took from the street looking over the wall from the east side of Central Park. We were rushing to try to make it to the Museum of Natural History before they closed and it was drizzling on and off. It was very misty out but the park was still so beautiful. Amazing that it is in the middle of New York City!

So now I have a few new paintings for Tioga. I hope the weather is as nice next weekend as it was this one. Last year we had that huge rain storm and the wind was horrible. So lets hope for the best. I hope some of you can come to the fair. Great music, beautiful location and lots of fabulous art!

2010 Winter Fine Art Fair at Tioga
Friday Feb 26th 5 - 9 pm
Sat. Feb 27th 10 - 5 pm
Sun. Feb 28th 11- 4 pm

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New works and the Co-Op

Here are some pics of opening night last Friday. It was a huge success. Lots of people stopped by and I made some new High Springs friends. I am bringing a guest Thursday to the Gainesville Fine Arts Monthly meeting that I met at the opening. The weather was damp but at least the monsoon rain stopped from earlier that afternoon. You can now see the glass and pottery displayed around the gallery.

Managed to get Larry and Bob's pic at the opening. There are some other cool shots that other people took with me in them but they haven't emailed them to me yet. I will post them as soon as I get them.

Today I worked my second day at the co-op. I usually work Sunday afternoons but I had to cover Karen's day, she is in Disney this week. I had some brousers at the gallery today, and did a lot done on painting. It was very cold out so I don't think their were too many people strolling about.

Almost finished my Central Park pic, and started a new small pic called "Grandpa and me at the beach." It is a random photo of a man and a boy I took at Daytona Beach two years ago. I am trying to produce some new and exciting new works for The Winter Fine Art Fair at Tioga this month, Feb. 26,27 and 28. The Co-Op's working area has great light and it was a very productive day!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Co-Op Grand Opening Friday, Feb. 5!

This was the early set up of the gallery. I was so thrilled to be able to show on two walls. As we get more artist's we will have to tighten up, depending on the art available to show. It was very exciting Sunday to hang our art in the new gallery. We would love everyone to come check us out. Friday, Feb. 5 is the grand opening and will coincide with Fantastic Friday in High Springs, FL. The gallery will be open from 5 to 9 pm.

Gallery is located at
115 N Main Street
High Springs, FL 32643

We have a wonderful variety of work. Karen Lemonnier, oils, Ron Baughn, painter, Tina Prizament, photography, Diana Fava, watercolors, Susan Margaritondo, pottery, Larry Behnke, mixed media, Bob Dunn, drawings and of course, my oils. We also have many fine pieces of art that are still for sale when the place was High Springs Art Gallery. I took pics of most of the artist's display. Susan's pottery Bob's drawings weren't set up yet. I will take more pics of the opening for those who cannot make it.

Pics are as follows:

Diana's watercolors
Tina P's photography
Ron's acrylics and Larry's multi media
Ron's two acrylics
Karen's oils