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Monday, January 18, 2010

High Springs Art Co-Op

A very exciting thing is about to happen here in High Springs in the next month. So far, six other artist's and myself have an opportunity to become the leading artists showing at a local gallery. Here in High Springs we have had a lovely gallery serving our community. Since the down turn in the economy the owner, Chuck Sapp has had a hard time keeping his two gallery's going. His other gallery is a larger, more prominent store in Gainesville, Paddiwack Gallery. So he has offered us an opportunity to fill the gallery with our art and to work the gallery as an artist's co-op.

Ever since I have moved to High Springs, I have always looked at the open store fronts and dream of owning a future gallery with my art and other peoples art. Maybe with a small area selling art supplies. This co-op is much closer to that dream. Being part it will be a life long experience. I can learn the gallery business and have a 7 day a week venue for my art to be out in the public. The great thing will be that we will be painting on location at the gallery for the public to view. This way I will not neglect the only full day I can paint, which is Sunday's. Since I still work full time at the postal service, Sunday will be my day to work the gallery. Hopefully this will entice the public to visit the gallery to observe working artists. The new name will be High Springs Art Co-Op Gallery, located at 115 North Main Street, High Springs, FL 32643.

Today I finally painted on my daughter's, Heather, and son-in-law, Scott's, Italy painting. It is coming along. It still needs more work but I am happier with it now. Boats and buildings still need tweeking and lines straightened. Hopefully it will be done with a few more hours. Then I need to start new work for the Winter Art Festival at Tiogo in Gainesville. That show is the last weekend in Feb., so I would like some new work for it. I am leaning toward more figurative work and a pet portrait of Scooby.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Back on Track

I hope everyone has had a safe and wonderful holiday season this year. Ours was very nice, the time when my kids were all home and little Bella was here was fabulous. Work was a pain, but not too bad this year as compared to past Christmas's. The mail was a little heavy but nothing like in the past years of tons of letters and packages for weeks at a time. It only lasted a couple of days this year. Sign of the times I guess.

I haven't done any painting! With relatives in and out, I am a bed and breakfast during December. I did manage to draw some to keep up with my skill. Little 30 minute sketches during my one hour lunch at the Post Office. They are just quick drawings of photos. Of course it would be better to draw from life but I do not have that luxury of time so photos have to do.
This was a pic I caught of my daughter Heather's friends dog on her couch. She sat so regally that I snapped this photo during Heather's baby shower.

This one of Bullwinkle was a charcoal drawing that is very primative because, of course, he jumped off from the couch because Scooby started barking at something outside.

This one is a sketch of all my co-worker Janet's miniature dogs. They were so tiny compared to my beasts, I couldn't resist drawing them. A young girl, who is a friend of hers, was holding them all!

The next is a photo of my son, Stephen, that a friend, Marie Spencer, of Essence Photography, took of him in his dirt bike gear. I really liked the photo so I drew him.

I have to go to the PO now but later on this week I have the exciting news about a new artist's co-op starting that I am now a board member on, in High Springs. Lots of great events coming up!