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Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Three Wise Dogs

This week was so busy at the Post Office but I want to make sure I wish all my friends a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. For all my Jewish friends and relatives I hope you had a Happy Hanukkah! I did get my shopping done, decorated the house, and sent out some cool cards. I put the boys on the cards and spent an afternoon with Jay trying to get them to pose with their holiday garb. I finally got 3 photos. Check them out. You can see how they were not too thrilled with their head gear! Here are the final three pics on my holiday cards, I call them the Three Wise Dogs! That is a joke. They are more like the Three crazed dogs!

I have some great news coming soon and I will pick up with the painting after Christmas. There is a possibility of 2 new commissions, The Winter Art Fair at Tioga in February, and I will be a part of the new High Springs Artist Co-Op in January. As soon as I have some final details I will fill you in. In the mean time, have a blessed, safe and happy Holiday Season.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Ultimate of God's handiwork, Bella has arrived!

Well I haven't spoke with all of you for a month now because I was very busy. Not painting or with the US Postal Service but helping my daughter, Heather, and son-in-law, Scott, welcome my new granddaughter, Isabella Kay into this world! Remember her name since she may be the subject of future portraits. She is beautiful, and was born a healthy, 8 pounds. I was in the delivery room and helped with the birth. It was a very exciting time for our family. Check out how lovely she is

I recently found out I was not accepted into the St. Stephen's Art Festival in South Florida for the 2010. They told me that my subject matter was an extremely popular one and so my scores were low. To a certain extent this was disturbing but a relief just the same. I really am not prepared for such an big show like that. I was stressing out on how I could prepare enough big quality work in the short time frame until it occurs. So, actually it is for the best. I would really like to prepare big and unique paintings for the more expensive and popular art shows. This year I plan to work on more figurative art, unusual pet portraits, and perfecting my skills. I will still paint landscapes but concentrate on creating one-of-a-kind paintings. I am entering the art festival at Tioga Town Center in February put on by my club, The Gainesville Art Association, look for further details!