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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Art Class comes to an end!

Nine weeks went by fast and what a great experience it was. Melanie Peter is an excellent teacher and she was very helpful in improving my portrait skills. I would recommend the workshop "Building A Better Portrait," to anyone wanting to improve their painting skills. Melanie teaches you the basics you need to start and finish a portrait from a live model or photos. She is very informative and paints with you so you can see how to do it. She critiques and compliments and makes you feel very comfortable. These two photos were of the last two lessons. Now they are both done in less than three hours. The one of the male model is a color study with two different lights, one pink and one yellow. The other is of the female model wrapping up all that we learned. They are very primitive and I may finish the one of the woman since Melanie took photos of the models and emailed them to us if we wish to work further on them.

So now that my classes are over for this year, I plan to work on Sunday get as much done on my daughter's pic of Italy and also work on an upcoming show at Melrose Bay Gallery. I will fill you in later on in the week and tell you about the reception at Art in City Hall and High Springs first art walk!

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