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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Boys are back

Rocky looks happy .................but doesn't Bullwinkle look bored?

I haven't talked about the boys for awhile. I feel kind of guilty. Rocky, Bullwinkle and Scooby have been stuck in the house a lot lately. They haven't gone anywhere but to Hilltop Animal Hospital for their annual check ups. Between work, painting and housework they have been very neglected. This coming week I will be going down south to my daughter's house to paint my, soon to be, granddaughter's bedroom wall with a cute scene and I may take Bullwinkle. He travels better than the other two and is the best behaved. He will just hang out in my daughter's house and not bother my daughter's dogs, Louie and Zoe. He has recently developed a rash or bites on the right side of his body. I think he laid in a bed of ants. He is not scratching too bad, he is eating and seems to feel okay, but he looks like he has a disease. He has to look lovely to travel by Sunday!

I took some recent photos of the boys. This one might be a candidate for a great pet portrait of Scooby, he is so photogenic. I will probably start sketching it soon. He has a great coat, when it is not shedding off his body and his coloring and muscles are fabulous.

I have definitely benefited from my art workshop with Melanie Peter. The past two weeks included doing color shapes in a quick portrait study and 60 two minute sketches of facial gestures. That was very hard. After the first 20 sketches my hand was tired but it was a great exercise.

Here is the portrait color study and then a samples of the the facial gesture drawings.

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