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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Commission work

This is a commissioned painting that I am in the process of doing. The photo is a very old pic of a lady's original homestead. She wants to give this to her daughter for her birthday. I had to improvise on the landscape since it is a bad photo and I have never seen the house. Lets say I embellished the background some to reflect a Florida landscape. I am almost done with it. I have to correct some lines and make improvements on the house. I think I may even make the house longer and a little more true to life. I chose to leave out the side building since you cannot see it and it doesn't seem to hold any significance. It really helps to look at the original photo and the photo of the painting to see where it needs work.

As I mentioned earlier. Gift giving for the holidays can come up faster than you think so if you are needing a special gift and want to commission a painting now is the time to do that. Paintings take time to get them right. A painting is that rare and one of kind gift that lasts a lifetime. It becomes an heirloom to be handed down to future generations. Remember I do Pet Portraits too and you can give a gift that helps someone capture a part of that beloved pet they lost. I have Layaway, and credit through Paypal. Paypal will offer you convenience and security in all your online transactions. I also offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. I paint with quality oil paints on wood backed canvases and mail anywhere the USPS or UPS deliver too.
I haven't talked about the dogs for awhile and I feel bad. They haven't received much of my attention or time and they are bored and frustrated. It has been so hot I haven't even taken them on any outings either. Next weekend there is a Great Dane Meetup meeting at an ice cream parlor in Ocala I will probably attend with Bullwinkle and maybe Scooby if I can handle it. I may try to walk them both this week together to see how they behave.

At the Art at City Hall reception I met a great guy, Albert Isaac, who is the Editor for the local magazines, The Senior Times and Our Town Magazine, After talking with him and getting to know each other through email, he discovered a picture he took of Bullwinkle, his son, Trevor and me. I think it was taken at the Dog show this year. I think it was pretty cool, check it out.

He is doing a story for Our Town Magazine about the Art in City Hall. I look forward to when it comes out. It is a great little book that gives lots of great information about our local area. It tells of all the festivals in Alachua County, along with great and interesting places to go and things to do during all times of the year. It also gives you great updates on all the local schools for those of us who have kids in school. It is a wonderful resource for us, it goes out to all the households, I know because I distribute them at the Post Office and the carriers deliver them.

Next time I will post the finished painting of the homestead and the finished painting of "On the road home" Now I have to go work on Heather and Scott's Italy pic. They are coming up to visit in two weeks so I would like to show them some progress!

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