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Thursday, May 14, 2009


Okay, so I reworked the Girl in a Pink Dress, and I am still not happy with her face. The mouth bothers me now. Unfortunately I want to enter the Thomas Center Competion and the deadline for the postmark is tomorrow. I am going to the GFFA meeting tonight and they are having a painting critique session and I am going to bring this painting and get other artist's opinions. This is great that the club may be incorporating this critique idea, sometimes it is very helpful to get those outside suggestions. I will let you know how it goes.

My son, Stephen came home for a couple of days, the dogs are thrilled. They love him, he has a gift with kids and dogs. He played with them outside yesterday and they slept throughout the night. Not waking me once to go out. Dogs are like kids if they hear you get out of bed for any reason they all wake up getting excited, thinking it is a party. They are so funny, I keep my door to my bedroom cracked when I sleep to hear if anything my be wrong in my house at night when I sleep. A little neurotic I know. When I used to work nights they would wake me too often and once I jumped out of bed and yelled at them all to "GO TO BED." Bullwinkle and Rocky ran, jumped on the couch and cowered, never bothering me again. Now when they think I am stirring I see them peek through the crack in my door and they only burst through when my alarm finally goes off. Then they know I am getting out of bed. Of course now we have Scooby and he has changed that since he sleeps on the floor in my bedroom, but he too has learned to sleep through the night. Dogs are so smart!

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