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Sunday, May 3, 2009

New works in the wind

I have finally started work last week on my painting of Italy for my daughter. She has a great house and this will be perfect for it. Right now it is just laid in and needs lots and lots of work. It is an early evening or dusk time of day in Port O Fino. So I may be working on this one for awhile it is fairly large.
I actually worked on it last week since I was in Orlando celebrating Jay's 50th Birthday with friends and family. We had a blast at Island's of Adventure and City Walk. I also had a new pet sitter for the dogs when we were gone and she worked
out great. All the boys seemed like they did very
well with her but they were very happy to see us home again. We arrived home on Sunday afternoon and I was exhausted but I did manage to work a little on two small paintings, a big oak on my property and one of Fort Myers Beach.
I actually started the Big Oak, at Linda Blondheim's studio but haven't messed with it for awhile. They are only 8 1/2" x 11". The other one is a pic I took while at a family wedding weekend in Fort Myers beach several months ago. We were riding on a boat with my husband's cousin's new husband on our way to Sanibel Island and a storm was brewing in the distance. We stopped to get gas and I took this pic. I am always fascinated by the great skies we have in Florida especially when the skies are stormy. The crazy thing was we headed right in the direction of the storm and went swimming and barbecued in the water at Sanibel. Yes, in the water, we set up a barbeque off the side of the boat and ate while floating in the water off the shore. The skies
stayed grey and gloomy most of the day but the storm
managed to avoid us for most of the day. It did
occasionally sprinkle on us.

"Storm Brewing In the Distance", still needs some refinement. Maybe tomorrow since I am off of work one more day! Yeah!

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