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Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Friends!!!

This was a busy weekend. First my boss gave me off on Saturday, YEAH! I really miss having regular Saturday's off, those were the days! I recently joined a Meetup group of Great Danes lovers. It is a great social network to meet and have social activities people of similar interest such as Great Dane owners. It was held at Harry's Restaurant in Ocala. It has great seafood and is set in a New Orleans style. We have one in Gainesville that my husband and I have been to. The Meetup group sat outside on the patio and I enjoyed two appetizers, clam chowder and muscles. Bullwinkle enjoyed my garlic bread. The waitress brought all the dogs water in pitchers. She had a bit of a hard time manueving around the dogs. Customers were awed at our movie star dogs. Bullwinkle met some new friends. At first the mood was a bit intense between a few but then all settled down to a lovely afternoon. Bullwinkle really liked the women but one was not too keen on him. I brought only Bullwinkle because being my first meeting I decided to see how he acted before I bring Scooby too. He was great. Check out pics of some of Bullwinkle's new acquaintances:

Razzle and De who I first met at the AlachuaSpring Festival, who invited me to the group.

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  1. Bullwinkle is a handsome dog, Tina! Our shih-tzu, Magnolia (aka Maggie), would love to meet him. Some of her favorite dogs are about 6 or 8 times her size.

    Interesting that we are both featuring pets on blog posts. Maggie makes her first appearance on my blog this week. She will bring a couple of friends for a cameo spot on Friday's post as well.

    Your life sounds very busy--I'm glad you had a chance to relax with both furry and two-legged friends. Hope you can find bits of time for your beloved art as well.