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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Finally Finished!

I renamed this painting from "Girl in a Chair" to "Girl in a Pink Dress." Mainly because I really loved the dress. As I explained before this piece was inspired by the well known Florida Artist, Rachel Stearns and by my need for a lovely picture of a woman for my Guest Room. (Which by the way for all of you who know me it is tastefully decorated with Barbie, the doll, I am a closet Barbie Doll Collector! ) Rachel Stearns was my husband's great aunt and was a prominent artist. In his family's living room is a painting of a woman in a chair. I would love that painting but my brother-in-law covets it. So I decided to paint my own pretty woman, thus "Girl in a Pink Dress." I always wanted to paint like the great masters and how they portrayed portraits, so here is my attempt at my "Mona Lisa."

I used a models face and my daughter as visual aids but it is my own invention of the two faces. I have been reading alot about glazing and multiple layers on a painting giving it great depth. I experimented with it and love the results. I feel it really gave her dress a rich look. What do you think? I welcome comments! I want to enter this piece in competitions to build my resume and have something to put under awards on my website. What do you think of my "Girl in a Pink Dress" ???

This week I will enter a juried show at the Thomas Center. It is a lovely historic home, located at 302 NE 6th Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601. It is in the historic area of Gainesville and many cultural events are held there. You can even book weddings and parties. The grounds are beautiful and the house is a museum also. Wish me luck!

I also finished two small paintings I mentioned before I named them
"Big Oak" The pic of a huge oak tree on our property and the beach scene in Fort Myers, "Storm Brewing." I added these to my website which you can check out, If anyone signs up for my email newsletter, I am giving a 10% off coupon for any piece of artwork purchased even prints. My other special offer is if you recommend me to a patron who purchases a piece of art from me I will pay you a 10% finders fee in Cash!

Talk with you, soon!


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