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Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Friends!!!

This was a busy weekend. First my boss gave me off on Saturday, YEAH! I really miss having regular Saturday's off, those were the days! I recently joined a Meetup group of Great Danes lovers. It is a great social network to meet and have social activities people of similar interest such as Great Dane owners. It was held at Harry's Restaurant in Ocala. It has great seafood and is set in a New Orleans style. We have one in Gainesville that my husband and I have been to. The Meetup group sat outside on the patio and I enjoyed two appetizers, clam chowder and muscles. Bullwinkle enjoyed my garlic bread. The waitress brought all the dogs water in pitchers. She had a bit of a hard time manueving around the dogs. Customers were awed at our movie star dogs. Bullwinkle met some new friends. At first the mood was a bit intense between a few but then all settled down to a lovely afternoon. Bullwinkle really liked the women but one was not too keen on him. I brought only Bullwinkle because being my first meeting I decided to see how he acted before I bring Scooby too. He was great. Check out pics of some of Bullwinkle's new acquaintances:

Razzle and De who I first met at the AlachuaSpring Festival, who invited me to the group.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Okay, so I reworked the Girl in a Pink Dress, and I am still not happy with her face. The mouth bothers me now. Unfortunately I want to enter the Thomas Center Competion and the deadline for the postmark is tomorrow. I am going to the GFFA meeting tonight and they are having a painting critique session and I am going to bring this painting and get other artist's opinions. This is great that the club may be incorporating this critique idea, sometimes it is very helpful to get those outside suggestions. I will let you know how it goes.

My son, Stephen came home for a couple of days, the dogs are thrilled. They love him, he has a gift with kids and dogs. He played with them outside yesterday and they slept throughout the night. Not waking me once to go out. Dogs are like kids if they hear you get out of bed for any reason they all wake up getting excited, thinking it is a party. They are so funny, I keep my door to my bedroom cracked when I sleep to hear if anything my be wrong in my house at night when I sleep. A little neurotic I know. When I used to work nights they would wake me too often and once I jumped out of bed and yelled at them all to "GO TO BED." Bullwinkle and Rocky ran, jumped on the couch and cowered, never bothering me again. Now when they think I am stirring I see them peek through the crack in my door and they only burst through when my alarm finally goes off. Then they know I am getting out of bed. Of course now we have Scooby and he has changed that since he sleeps on the floor in my bedroom, but he too has learned to sleep through the night. Dogs are so smart!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Finally Finished!

I renamed this painting from "Girl in a Chair" to "Girl in a Pink Dress." Mainly because I really loved the dress. As I explained before this piece was inspired by the well known Florida Artist, Rachel Stearns and by my need for a lovely picture of a woman for my Guest Room. (Which by the way for all of you who know me it is tastefully decorated with Barbie, the doll, I am a closet Barbie Doll Collector! ) Rachel Stearns was my husband's great aunt and was a prominent artist. In his family's living room is a painting of a woman in a chair. I would love that painting but my brother-in-law covets it. So I decided to paint my own pretty woman, thus "Girl in a Pink Dress." I always wanted to paint like the great masters and how they portrayed portraits, so here is my attempt at my "Mona Lisa."

I used a models face and my daughter as visual aids but it is my own invention of the two faces. I have been reading alot about glazing and multiple layers on a painting giving it great depth. I experimented with it and love the results. I feel it really gave her dress a rich look. What do you think? I welcome comments! I want to enter this piece in competitions to build my resume and have something to put under awards on my website. What do you think of my "Girl in a Pink Dress" ???

This week I will enter a juried show at the Thomas Center. It is a lovely historic home, located at 302 NE 6th Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601. It is in the historic area of Gainesville and many cultural events are held there. You can even book weddings and parties. The grounds are beautiful and the house is a museum also. Wish me luck!

I also finished two small paintings I mentioned before I named them
"Big Oak" The pic of a huge oak tree on our property and the beach scene in Fort Myers, "Storm Brewing." I added these to my website which you can check out, If anyone signs up for my email newsletter, I am giving a 10% off coupon for any piece of artwork purchased even prints. My other special offer is if you recommend me to a patron who purchases a piece of art from me I will pay you a 10% finders fee in Cash!

Talk with you, soon!


Sunday, May 3, 2009

New works in the wind

I have finally started work last week on my painting of Italy for my daughter. She has a great house and this will be perfect for it. Right now it is just laid in and needs lots and lots of work. It is an early evening or dusk time of day in Port O Fino. So I may be working on this one for awhile it is fairly large.
I actually worked on it last week since I was in Orlando celebrating Jay's 50th Birthday with friends and family. We had a blast at Island's of Adventure and City Walk. I also had a new pet sitter for the dogs when we were gone and she worked
out great. All the boys seemed like they did very
well with her but they were very happy to see us home again. We arrived home on Sunday afternoon and I was exhausted but I did manage to work a little on two small paintings, a big oak on my property and one of Fort Myers Beach.
I actually started the Big Oak, at Linda Blondheim's studio but haven't messed with it for awhile. They are only 8 1/2" x 11". The other one is a pic I took while at a family wedding weekend in Fort Myers beach several months ago. We were riding on a boat with my husband's cousin's new husband on our way to Sanibel Island and a storm was brewing in the distance. We stopped to get gas and I took this pic. I am always fascinated by the great skies we have in Florida especially when the skies are stormy. The crazy thing was we headed right in the direction of the storm and went swimming and barbecued in the water at Sanibel. Yes, in the water, we set up a barbeque off the side of the boat and ate while floating in the water off the shore. The skies
stayed grey and gloomy most of the day but the storm
managed to avoid us for most of the day. It did
occasionally sprinkle on us.

"Storm Brewing In the Distance", still needs some refinement. Maybe tomorrow since I am off of work one more day! Yeah!