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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Works in Progress

This weekend was really great. My mom, Rose and daughter, Heather, came up for Easter weekend. I took off from work Saturday and we went to Saint Augustine, which to me is the most beautiful place in Florida. We had lunch at Scarlett O'Haras which is just off of the main drag, in the Spanish Quarter near Saint George's street. It was really cute with a solest singing old rock and playing the guitar. The weather was fabulous, sunny with a wonderful breeze off the water and the sandwiches were delicious. After we ate we went over to the outlet stores off of State Road 16 on the way home and found some great deals on great design label clothes. I wish I knew about that place when Heather was getting married last year. I could have found lots of stuff to wear to all the showers, and parties we had leading up to the wedding.
Today I may paint on my "Girl in a Chair" painting. I call this my "Mona Lisa" I have been working on this for awhile on and off. I was flipping through a fashion magazine sometime back and came across a fabulous pic of a lovely girl in a gold dress sitting on gold chairs. The girl is built just like my daughter and I thought my daughter would look like that in that dress. So I had her pose in the same manner and took her picture several times. I used the same dress in the photo and a few of the same chairs and painted my daughter in that dress. I did change the dress from gold to a rosy pink one. This was started as a painting for myself to hang in my "Barbie Guest Room" (I am a avid Barbie Doll Collector). It would fit perfectly. Originally my brother in law, Russell and I both coveted a painting of a girl in a chair at my mother-in-law's house. It was painted by his aunt, Rachel Stearns, a famous Florida artist, now deceased, who painted throughout Florida over 30 years ago. She even had her paintings hanging at the Smithsonian in Washington. So since I don't have that one I am painting my own.

I hope to enter this painting in show, museum and art contests in hopes of building my resume. I plan on making it one of my best. As you can see it needs work. Hands are a problem for me and my daughter's face needs more work. I took out my chairs and need to put them back. Stay tuned and see how this painting unfolds.

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