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Friday, April 17, 2009

Newest pic of "Girl in a Chair", My Mona Lisa in the works

I managed to work on the chairs yesterday. They need a little more refinement. I also put transparent gloss on the dress. I really want the dress to look like flowing folds similar to how the famous Renaissance artist made their flowing robes. This weekend I will put back her left hand. I will have to use my projector with the original pic of Heather's face so I can see what it is that is not correct on her face. It looks a little like Heather but I want it to be unmistakeably her face. Of course I will work around my weekend plans. The Alachua Spring Arts Festival is Sunday. I decided not to participate in it this year but I do have 2 paintings, several prints and notecards on sale at the Garden Gallery on Main Street in Alachua right in the heart of the festival. So hopefully the weather will be fabulous. Saturday I am going out to dinner with a couple of girlfriends!
Hope I see you at the festival!

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