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Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Dog Show was great fun!

Well we had a blast at the dog show. I didn't make any painting connections but sure had great fun with the dogs. My friend, Marie Spencer, Essence Photography, made some connections, though.

There were so many dogs of all kinds. I met my new friends Vinny and his wife again and they had their beautiful Great Dane with them.
Unfortunately Bullwinkle snapped at
the younger dog. He is getting so
grumpy as he gets older. Since we
brought Scooby into our home he is
not so tolerant of new male dogs.

Here are the pics from the High Springs Herald. Rocky made the front page! Although he does not look too happy. I did lift the hat up so he could see. Rocky and Bullwinkle won third place for best dressed as the Blues Brothers. And Bullwinkle won second place for most unusual. He was beat out by one of those Mexican hairless dogs.
Their costumes were not so user friendly. They were
hard to construct. I made them out of actual men's
suits from the Goodwill store and they kept falling
off of them. Let's face it dogs are not meant to wear
Bullwinkle is pictured at right with Marie's son, Trevor,
leaning on him. Trevor was lots of help with the dogs.

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  1. The dogs look great mom! so when do we start to see the progress on my Italy picture??