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Friday, April 24, 2009

2009 Alachua Spring Festival

Had a great time last weekend at the festival. Alachua does a great job and a very eclectic group of vendors. I didn't have a booth this year because although it is fun to do it, the last two times I had a booth in the festival I did not make any money. People seem to go there to browse and have fun so I went this year to do the same. I took Scooby for his first socialization outing. He was nervous at first but then he did great. Just like when I bring Bullwinkle, he was a star. All the kids love to pet him and admire what a spectacular creature he is. He is such a handsome dog. It is amazing that he turned out to be such a great dog since we rescued him. The previous owners had no idea what a prize they had. Their lose our gain. Of course, Bullwinkle was not happy that I left him behind, and I did feel bad, but I cannot control two dogs over 100 pound each. Between the 3 dogs they total 370 pounds!

I need to get over to the Garden Gallery, they have several of my paintings, notecards and prints and see what has sold during the festival.

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