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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend work

Sometimes you have just stay home! Today I did not go to church, I worked a long day on Saturday and just was tired and felt like never leaving the house. I woke up early with my son, Stephen who came home overnight from college at UCF. He was racing his dirtbike at Reddick and his bike messed up so he came home hoping it could be fixed. He did not fix his bike and instead rode his friend's bike. He called me later and did not do so well so it was a bust for him. Check out a pic of my middle son.
I did paint today alot. I worked on a small landscape I started at Linda Blondheim's studio of a big oak tree
on our property, a seascape of a pic I took in Fort Myers. And
I finally did a lot of work of Heather's Italy pic. I will post the
Italy pic during the week to show that progress.

Friday, April 24, 2009

2009 Alachua Spring Festival

Had a great time last weekend at the festival. Alachua does a great job and a very eclectic group of vendors. I didn't have a booth this year because although it is fun to do it, the last two times I had a booth in the festival I did not make any money. People seem to go there to browse and have fun so I went this year to do the same. I took Scooby for his first socialization outing. He was nervous at first but then he did great. Just like when I bring Bullwinkle, he was a star. All the kids love to pet him and admire what a spectacular creature he is. He is such a handsome dog. It is amazing that he turned out to be such a great dog since we rescued him. The previous owners had no idea what a prize they had. Their lose our gain. Of course, Bullwinkle was not happy that I left him behind, and I did feel bad, but I cannot control two dogs over 100 pound each. Between the 3 dogs they total 370 pounds!

I need to get over to the Garden Gallery, they have several of my paintings, notecards and prints and see what has sold during the festival.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Newest pic of "Girl in a Chair", My Mona Lisa in the works

I managed to work on the chairs yesterday. They need a little more refinement. I also put transparent gloss on the dress. I really want the dress to look like flowing folds similar to how the famous Renaissance artist made their flowing robes. This weekend I will put back her left hand. I will have to use my projector with the original pic of Heather's face so I can see what it is that is not correct on her face. It looks a little like Heather but I want it to be unmistakeably her face. Of course I will work around my weekend plans. The Alachua Spring Arts Festival is Sunday. I decided not to participate in it this year but I do have 2 paintings, several prints and notecards on sale at the Garden Gallery on Main Street in Alachua right in the heart of the festival. So hopefully the weather will be fabulous. Saturday I am going out to dinner with a couple of girlfriends!
Hope I see you at the festival!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Works in Progress

This weekend was really great. My mom, Rose and daughter, Heather, came up for Easter weekend. I took off from work Saturday and we went to Saint Augustine, which to me is the most beautiful place in Florida. We had lunch at Scarlett O'Haras which is just off of the main drag, in the Spanish Quarter near Saint George's street. It was really cute with a solest singing old rock and playing the guitar. The weather was fabulous, sunny with a wonderful breeze off the water and the sandwiches were delicious. After we ate we went over to the outlet stores off of State Road 16 on the way home and found some great deals on great design label clothes. I wish I knew about that place when Heather was getting married last year. I could have found lots of stuff to wear to all the showers, and parties we had leading up to the wedding.
Today I may paint on my "Girl in a Chair" painting. I call this my "Mona Lisa" I have been working on this for awhile on and off. I was flipping through a fashion magazine sometime back and came across a fabulous pic of a lovely girl in a gold dress sitting on gold chairs. The girl is built just like my daughter and I thought my daughter would look like that in that dress. So I had her pose in the same manner and took her picture several times. I used the same dress in the photo and a few of the same chairs and painted my daughter in that dress. I did change the dress from gold to a rosy pink one. This was started as a painting for myself to hang in my "Barbie Guest Room" (I am a avid Barbie Doll Collector). It would fit perfectly. Originally my brother in law, Russell and I both coveted a painting of a girl in a chair at my mother-in-law's house. It was painted by his aunt, Rachel Stearns, a famous Florida artist, now deceased, who painted throughout Florida over 30 years ago. She even had her paintings hanging at the Smithsonian in Washington. So since I don't have that one I am painting my own.

I hope to enter this painting in show, museum and art contests in hopes of building my resume. I plan on making it one of my best. As you can see it needs work. Hands are a problem for me and my daughter's face needs more work. I took out my chairs and need to put them back. Stay tuned and see how this painting unfolds.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Dog Show was great fun!

Well we had a blast at the dog show. I didn't make any painting connections but sure had great fun with the dogs. My friend, Marie Spencer, Essence Photography, made some connections, though.

There were so many dogs of all kinds. I met my new friends Vinny and his wife again and they had their beautiful Great Dane with them.
Unfortunately Bullwinkle snapped at
the younger dog. He is getting so
grumpy as he gets older. Since we
brought Scooby into our home he is
not so tolerant of new male dogs.

Here are the pics from the High Springs Herald. Rocky made the front page! Although he does not look too happy. I did lift the hat up so he could see. Rocky and Bullwinkle won third place for best dressed as the Blues Brothers. And Bullwinkle won second place for most unusual. He was beat out by one of those Mexican hairless dogs.
Their costumes were not so user friendly. They were
hard to construct. I made them out of actual men's
suits from the Goodwill store and they kept falling
off of them. Let's face it dogs are not meant to wear
Bullwinkle is pictured at right with Marie's son, Trevor,
leaning on him. Trevor was lots of help with the dogs.