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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

2009 Winter Art Fair @ Tioga

Well I have survived the weekend! My cousin Denise flew in from NJ to hang with me at the art show so that was great fun. Friday afternoon my husband Jay helped me set up my tent and display. The weather was great that night and customer traffic was okay. I actually sold a couple of small items, prints and a miniature oil painting. The miniatures make great gifts for friends, teachers, co-workers, etc. I usually keep them under $20 so anyone can purchase them. Sometimes kids buy them and I think it fosters future art collectors. Maybe when they are older they will look me up to buy a big painting, Ha! Ha! We met some cool people from NY. A cool couple, Vinnie and his wife, Viola, bought a small card of the "Keeping the Watch" print of Rocky and Bullwinkle. Denise and I had so much fun talking with him and his family about Great Danes and NY. Laughing for at least a half an hour.

Saturday was great fun, met lots of cool people, ate lots of junk food, listened to an eclectic array of music and sold some more small stuff. I have noticed at the past two art shows I have done that not all artists like music at the shows. I personally like all music and think it adds to the spirit of the event. No, it does not improve sales but whether I am a customer or exhibitor at the shows I like the music. Once an artist actually left because the music was too much for him, and it was lovely classical music. As the day wore on the topic of conversation was the weather forecast. The weather was destined to take a severe turn for the worse. High winds, rain and very cold temperatures were to come overnight and into Sunday morning. The Tioga Center offered the artist's one of their enclosed empty buildings to store our artwork overnight. Several of us took advantage of it, but many artist's packed up their entire setups.

Sunday morning I awoke at 5am to howling, scary wind and rain. I told my cousin Denise that I hoped my tent was still standing. We finally rolled out of bed at 8 am and decided to check out Tioga, getting there at 10:30am. It was very, very windy, but everything looked really good. My tent was in great shape, so we stayed along with many other artists. The bad thing was that quite a few artist's left without even giving Sunday a chance. The day actually turned out to be beautiful. It was a little chilly but the sun was so bright and the sky so phenomenal that it was a blessing as Virginia Chen, one of our talented, watercolor artists, said to us. We had a great day. I did not sell any big oils which was a little disappointing but I sold more small stuff, made great contacts and have a possible commission, from a lady named Barbara. So if you reading this Barbara contact me and I will paint your adorable pug.

Elizabeth came by with Gizmo. I did her portrait with her beloved dog, Gizmo recently. Her husband, my co-worker, Buddy, commissioned the pic as a Christmas present for her. I was so pleased that she was so happy with it. She wants me to do another but this time a pic of her three mules.

Monday I was back to work, Denise left to fly back to NJ. It is always a bummer when she leaves because we have so much fun together. Of course back to work at the Post Office is always a let down after an art show not because the people I work with aren't cool but not being able to work full time as an artist is disappointing. I always want to paint some more.

This weekend I will work on laying out the drawing and first layer of Heather's Italy pic. It is a pic she gave me of Portofino. It is going to be a big project. I also need to start a new dog pic I plan on doing of Scooby and Bullwinkle. About the dogs, I need to research a little bit about dogs and shedding. Scooby is such heavy shredder. I have dog hair everywhere. I did not notice it as much with Rocky and Bullwinkle but Scooby sheds alot. I called Jean's Grooming in Gainesville and talked with Lisa, the owner and a groomer. She said to put a little canola oil in his food, that perhaps his coat is dry. For all you local dog owners, Jean's Grooming is a great place. They have healthy dog food available for all dogs, and Jean and Lisa are wonderful people and very professional. Check them out, they are behind 84 Lumber off of State Road 441 in Gainesville right before it turns into 13 Street going south. I buy all my dog food there. After some research I found that Eagle Brand dog food is the best and the safest dog for Great Danes. You can obtain a lot of info about Danes and dogs in general on the Great Dane Lady website, She gives good advice about a variety of subjects and situations concerning dogs. We will have to talk some more in the future about caring for Danes.

Talk with you soon.

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  1. Tina,

    Gizmo is happy to be famous! We love this portrait! It is perfect! Thanks a bunch and I'm getting the pics ready of the mules!!