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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Very Productive Weekend

This was a great weekend. I worked a half a day on Saturday at the PO, and was super tired when I came home but still managed to start working for the Winter Fine Art Fair @ Tioga. I printed out all my mailing labels and labeled 190 postcards from my newly made mailing list. This was on only a few hours sleep since I went in to work at 4:30 am. Just to inform all of you I turned 50 this year and found out I am in full menopause, so sleep is a gift. Sometimes I can't fall asleep for awhile, and sometimes I wake up at 3am, "the devil's hour." I call it that because I once saw this horror movie where the devil caused things to happen at 3am. Since this whole menopause thing started, the devil has had his way with my emotions and my sleeping habits. Maybe I will be a tortured person and that should make me a better painter, ha! ha! Weren't all the famous artist's tormented in some way? That brings me to my work this weekend.
I finished Ava's landscape of Vermont. I think
I will call it "1881" She told me that years ago
when people built their barns they painted the
year it was build on the roof. The photo of it is not
that good since I took it in poor light in my living room tonight. The colors do not do it justice, but I am happy with it and she was thrilled when I showed her the unfinished pic the other day.
Below it is the pic of High Springs, I still feel it needs some refinement. I will try to do that this weekend, although it will be tough since I will have a house full of guests. Some friends are pit stopping at our house.
Update on Scooby, I mentioned before that I was
worried one night that he did not eat. Well he
is back to his old self and cute as ever. Except the other night I let him stay loose in the house and out of his crate while I slept. He was great until the "devil's hour" and I heard some commotion in the kitchen ... he was having a party with the garbage. I yelled loud enough to scare the crap out of him and chased him outside, which scared the crap out of Bullwinkle and Rocky who were asleep on the couch. They soon followed him outside. So by the time I cleaned up the kitchen and brought them all inside, it was hard for me to get back to sleep, so another tired day.
Sunday after church was when I finished painting the Vermont painting, the High Springs pic and worked on my "Mona Lisa". I will tell you all about that painting in the future. This is the painting that will be my masterpiece, the pic that will win awards. Stay tuned!
Monday I managed to matt all my prints for the show. Unfortunately I cut my matts sitting on my living room floor watching "3:10 to Yuma" on DVD from Netflix's. So today my back was killing me at work at the PO. It was a crazy busy day at Alachua Post Office. The day after a holiday is always nuts.
Someday I will have that studio where I will have a real working table and a place for all my art equipment so I am not working on my living room floor, or beside my dining room table or stealing my son Stephen's room while he is in college.
See ya soon!


  1. Love the Blog Mom! And really like 1881! So your new son wants to know when you are starting on Italy...since I won't be going anytime soon I need the constant reminder that I have to go one day!

  2. And don't forget that your mother-in-law wants a painting & is using the fact that she doesn't have one as proof that you don't love her!