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Friday, February 13, 2009

JumpstART: A Workshop in Creative Entrepreneurship

I have yet to comment on the workshop I went to at the Harn Museum on Feb. 7. It was really super. I saw lots of fellow artist from GFFA, Gainesville Fine Arts Association. There was several very good speakers covering all subjects pertaining to starting your own business in the art field. It gave us marketing ideas and professional business information. They fed us a very nice lunch and then we had breakout roundtable discussions. I of course attended the session concerning the Fine Arts which included the photographer, Randy Batista, the digital artist, Maggie Taylor and the oil painter, Dennis Campay. They were really helpful and gave great tips. They stressed the importance of being professional when approaching a gallery. They gave advice on talking and communicating with your customers and ways to discuss payment for your work. The subject of donating artwork to various charities also came up. The fact that artist get hit up more than anyone else. To the point it is abusive. When approached by a charity, we should come to an agreement with the organization for a set price for our work and at least 50% of the our cost to produce the work. Many times they auction our work for way less than it is worth and the guest artist's said sometimes they found that people go to these auctions to get their work at bargain prices. And when a hospital asks for a donation, ask that hospital to give you half off your MRI if you need one in exchange for your artwork next time they want a donation, and see what they say.

I did bond with fellow GFFA artists, especially, Ellen West. I found out that she and I grew up down in South Florida and attended Immaculata-Lasalle High School in Coconut Grove Florida. I only attended there for 1 year and then I went to Killian High but it was fun to reminise. She is a really great person.

This weekend I plan to paint, clean and do my mailouts for the Winter Fine Arts Fair @ Tioga.
I have to find the time to clean my house, some close friends are coming to stay next weekend and the house is covered in dust. I have to finish Ava's Vermont painting and my High Springs pic. Got any name suggestions for either one? Comment on my blog and help me out.

Also before I go to bed, I have to go into work at 4:30 am tomorrow for half a day, if anyone refers me to another friend and I get a commission or sell a painting from that person, I will award my friend with a miniature painting or a 8" x 10" print of any of my Florida Series paintings. And if you really like my pics I do have lenient layaway.

Talk with you soon!

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