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Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Day Off

Today was a very productive day. The bad thing is I did not make to Church. Going to Church always starts my week out right but I got lazy and stayed in bed too long. I did work on a new landscape I started. It is a great pic that my friend Ava gave me of a red barn, hillside and rows of corn. She took it on her vacation. I hope to have it for my next show at The 2009 Winter Fine Art Fair @ Tioga on Newberry Road in Gainesville, Florida from 2/27/2009 - 3/1/2009. I will have a pic of it uploaded soon. I also worked on a country scene with hay bales, from High Springs. I started it last week at Linda Blondheim's studio. She helped me alot and showed me a basic palette, good values and how to design a good painting. Things I had forgotton from my training years ago. I found her very inspiring. She is very knowledgeable and always helpful with good advice. She has a great website and super blog.

I did not realize the pic of Rocky did not upload so here is his pic, isn't he a movie star?
I also took some recent pics of all the boys. After I finish the above landscapes I am going to start some pics with the dogs. I plan on doing an action shot of them and then a portrait of Scooby. I will start to place them as examples to sell my work at the local vets. Of course I also need to start my daughter's huge landscape of Italy for her family room. That is a priority.
I received an email from my friend Rebecca, she lives in Virginia, and it was great to hear from her. We were involved in Scouts when the boys were young. She is going to pass the word around about my Pet Portraits to her friends who show dogs. That could be promising!
Beside having a very positive painting day, I took off yesterday and attended a seminar at the Harn Museum called “JumpstART: A Workshop in Creative Entrepreneurship”. It was very informative and geared toward getting your art business off the ground. It was great and there were many artist friends from the GFFA,
Next week I have to concentrate on finishing those landscapes, getting my notecards matted Florida Scenes Prints printed and other stuff for the show at the end of the month.
For anyone ordering a Pet Portrait, I will give them a free 5" X 7" print of "Keeping the Watch" and I will give a set of 6 notecards of the "Florida Scenes" paintings if you order any of my landscapes. Check them out on my website,
Well work is tomorrow at 7:30 am and I still have to clean up the kitchen. Talk with you soon.

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