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Monday, February 23, 2009

A day with the Dogs!

This weekend I tied up a bunch of loose ends getting ready for the Winter Fine Art Festival at Tioga next weekend. The weather was fabulous. I went outside with the dogs to take some pics of them. After the show I plan on painting my daughter, Heather's pic of Italy first but then I plan on painting several dog pics. A couple of portraits and then a couple of dog action paintings. For all my dog lover friends I want to capture just how fun these guys are. My two Great Danes and my Rott/Doberman mix are the ultimate cool dudes. Bullwinkle is the king, Rocky is his best buddy and side kick and Scooby, our dane rescue dog is the happiest dog I have ever seen.

I think he will make a great pet portrait! Great Danes have incredible bone structure and are such unusual creatures. They are so loving and such people dogs. I have found them easy to train and do very well in the house. Even Scooby who was raised as an outdoor dog has adapted well to our home.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

To the best son-in-law, and to answer my daughter's comment below, I have the canvas, and the pic I want to do, so after the show at the Tioga Center I will start it. Of course I did start my "Mona Lisa" which I will post here over the weekend.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Very Productive Weekend

This was a great weekend. I worked a half a day on Saturday at the PO, and was super tired when I came home but still managed to start working for the Winter Fine Art Fair @ Tioga. I printed out all my mailing labels and labeled 190 postcards from my newly made mailing list. This was on only a few hours sleep since I went in to work at 4:30 am. Just to inform all of you I turned 50 this year and found out I am in full menopause, so sleep is a gift. Sometimes I can't fall asleep for awhile, and sometimes I wake up at 3am, "the devil's hour." I call it that because I once saw this horror movie where the devil caused things to happen at 3am. Since this whole menopause thing started, the devil has had his way with my emotions and my sleeping habits. Maybe I will be a tortured person and that should make me a better painter, ha! ha! Weren't all the famous artist's tormented in some way? That brings me to my work this weekend.
I finished Ava's landscape of Vermont. I think
I will call it "1881" She told me that years ago
when people built their barns they painted the
year it was build on the roof. The photo of it is not
that good since I took it in poor light in my living room tonight. The colors do not do it justice, but I am happy with it and she was thrilled when I showed her the unfinished pic the other day.
Below it is the pic of High Springs, I still feel it needs some refinement. I will try to do that this weekend, although it will be tough since I will have a house full of guests. Some friends are pit stopping at our house.
Update on Scooby, I mentioned before that I was
worried one night that he did not eat. Well he
is back to his old self and cute as ever. Except the other night I let him stay loose in the house and out of his crate while I slept. He was great until the "devil's hour" and I heard some commotion in the kitchen ... he was having a party with the garbage. I yelled loud enough to scare the crap out of him and chased him outside, which scared the crap out of Bullwinkle and Rocky who were asleep on the couch. They soon followed him outside. So by the time I cleaned up the kitchen and brought them all inside, it was hard for me to get back to sleep, so another tired day.
Sunday after church was when I finished painting the Vermont painting, the High Springs pic and worked on my "Mona Lisa". I will tell you all about that painting in the future. This is the painting that will be my masterpiece, the pic that will win awards. Stay tuned!
Monday I managed to matt all my prints for the show. Unfortunately I cut my matts sitting on my living room floor watching "3:10 to Yuma" on DVD from Netflix's. So today my back was killing me at work at the PO. It was a crazy busy day at Alachua Post Office. The day after a holiday is always nuts.
Someday I will have that studio where I will have a real working table and a place for all my art equipment so I am not working on my living room floor, or beside my dining room table or stealing my son Stephen's room while he is in college.
See ya soon!

Friday, February 13, 2009

JumpstART: A Workshop in Creative Entrepreneurship

I have yet to comment on the workshop I went to at the Harn Museum on Feb. 7. It was really super. I saw lots of fellow artist from GFFA, Gainesville Fine Arts Association. There was several very good speakers covering all subjects pertaining to starting your own business in the art field. It gave us marketing ideas and professional business information. They fed us a very nice lunch and then we had breakout roundtable discussions. I of course attended the session concerning the Fine Arts which included the photographer, Randy Batista, the digital artist, Maggie Taylor and the oil painter, Dennis Campay. They were really helpful and gave great tips. They stressed the importance of being professional when approaching a gallery. They gave advice on talking and communicating with your customers and ways to discuss payment for your work. The subject of donating artwork to various charities also came up. The fact that artist get hit up more than anyone else. To the point it is abusive. When approached by a charity, we should come to an agreement with the organization for a set price for our work and at least 50% of the our cost to produce the work. Many times they auction our work for way less than it is worth and the guest artist's said sometimes they found that people go to these auctions to get their work at bargain prices. And when a hospital asks for a donation, ask that hospital to give you half off your MRI if you need one in exchange for your artwork next time they want a donation, and see what they say.

I did bond with fellow GFFA artists, especially, Ellen West. I found out that she and I grew up down in South Florida and attended Immaculata-Lasalle High School in Coconut Grove Florida. I only attended there for 1 year and then I went to Killian High but it was fun to reminise. She is a really great person.

This weekend I plan to paint, clean and do my mailouts for the Winter Fine Arts Fair @ Tioga.
I have to find the time to clean my house, some close friends are coming to stay next weekend and the house is covered in dust. I have to finish Ava's Vermont painting and my High Springs pic. Got any name suggestions for either one? Comment on my blog and help me out.

Also before I go to bed, I have to go into work at 4:30 am tomorrow for half a day, if anyone refers me to another friend and I get a commission or sell a painting from that person, I will award my friend with a miniature painting or a 8" x 10" print of any of my Florida Series paintings. And if you really like my pics I do have lenient layaway.

Talk with you soon!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Projects in the works

My photography is not the best something I have to work on. Today was a crazy day at the Post Office. Monday is always busy. So no painting today. Here are the two painting I am working on that I talked about yesterday. The picture of the barn was taken in Vermont. I asked Ava today. We are very excited about it. It is about 3/4's done. It needs refinement, highlighted areas need work. The other pic is of High Springs and that one is about 1/2 done. It needs alot of finishing work.

The dogs are a little laid back today. Scooby wasn't his usual crazy self and did not scarf down his food. I hope he is feeling well. He did eat eventually, so I guess he is fine. He is always a crazy hog with his food.
When we rescued him we found out that he has heartworms. He was an outdoor dog and never was on any heartworm medication. In the state of Florida there is such a high risk of heartworms with the high mosquito population. Every dog and cat should be on heartworm medicine. There is a treatment to rid a dog of heartworms, but it is roughly about $800 and can be dangerous to a dog. It is like chemo therapy. Not only can we not afford it, but are sceptical about putting Scooby through it. Sometimes keeping a dog on the original heartworm medication, Heartgard can cure the problem over time but a vet told us that the worms in Scooby are past that stage. Although, she told us he is extremely healthy at the moment so the heartworms may never effect him in his lifetime. Great Danes traditionally only live to 8 or 9 years. Of course, I plan on keeping mine alive for more years than that with good, healthy, food and living in luxury on my leather couch. So for now we are going the Heardgard route and I pray over him all the time. God cures cancer and all kinds of amazing things, I know he can cure some worms. Keep you updated.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Day Off

Today was a very productive day. The bad thing is I did not make to Church. Going to Church always starts my week out right but I got lazy and stayed in bed too long. I did work on a new landscape I started. It is a great pic that my friend Ava gave me of a red barn, hillside and rows of corn. She took it on her vacation. I hope to have it for my next show at The 2009 Winter Fine Art Fair @ Tioga on Newberry Road in Gainesville, Florida from 2/27/2009 - 3/1/2009. I will have a pic of it uploaded soon. I also worked on a country scene with hay bales, from High Springs. I started it last week at Linda Blondheim's studio. She helped me alot and showed me a basic palette, good values and how to design a good painting. Things I had forgotton from my training years ago. I found her very inspiring. She is very knowledgeable and always helpful with good advice. She has a great website and super blog.

I did not realize the pic of Rocky did not upload so here is his pic, isn't he a movie star?
I also took some recent pics of all the boys. After I finish the above landscapes I am going to start some pics with the dogs. I plan on doing an action shot of them and then a portrait of Scooby. I will start to place them as examples to sell my work at the local vets. Of course I also need to start my daughter's huge landscape of Italy for her family room. That is a priority.
I received an email from my friend Rebecca, she lives in Virginia, and it was great to hear from her. We were involved in Scouts when the boys were young. She is going to pass the word around about my Pet Portraits to her friends who show dogs. That could be promising!
Beside having a very positive painting day, I took off yesterday and attended a seminar at the Harn Museum called “JumpstART: A Workshop in Creative Entrepreneurship”. It was very informative and geared toward getting your art business off the ground. It was great and there were many artist friends from the GFFA,
Next week I have to concentrate on finishing those landscapes, getting my notecards matted Florida Scenes Prints printed and other stuff for the show at the end of the month.
For anyone ordering a Pet Portrait, I will give them a free 5" X 7" print of "Keeping the Watch" and I will give a set of 6 notecards of the "Florida Scenes" paintings if you order any of my landscapes. Check them out on my website,
Well work is tomorrow at 7:30 am and I still have to clean up the kitchen. Talk with you soon.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

For all you pet lovers out there especially dogs, especially Great Danes. I have my number one man, Bullwinkle. He is 170 pounds, a merle dane with a fabulous personality and he is king in our house. There is Rocky our 80 pound Rottweiler/Doberman mix who is the sweet heart of the crew and Bullwinkle's faithfull sidekick. Then there is our newest edition, Scooby Doo. We rescued him from being taken to death row, (the pound) by irresponsible owners who did not love

him. He is the teenager in the house. Bullwinkle is not buddies with him yet, but we are working on it.

You can see that Bullwinkle and Rocky are my best models, here
they are in "Keeping the Watch" (
This is what they do everyday as they look at the picture window
at the deer, turkey's, the neighbors dogs and cats that

visit our property.

And so it begins.....

Hi, to all my friends!!! Well here it is I am now a blogger. I invite all that I know to share in this experience with me as often as possible. Let me introduce myself. My name is Tina Corbett. First and formost I am an struggling artist, a disgruntled Postal Employee of 30 years, a mother of three fabulous and unique kids and a wife to the best husband any one can have. I have the good fortune to still have my mother alive and she loves me, she's Puerto Rican so of course she worships me, and my Italian father is in heaven. So I am well adjusted!

This is my blog which I will dedicate to four things, art, family, pets and the Postal Service . One day I will be retired and the Postal Service will no longer be an issue.