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Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Three Wise Dogs

This week was so busy at the Post Office but I want to make sure I wish all my friends a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. For all my Jewish friends and relatives I hope you had a Happy Hanukkah! I did get my shopping done, decorated the house, and sent out some cool cards. I put the boys on the cards and spent an afternoon with Jay trying to get them to pose with their holiday garb. I finally got 3 photos. Check them out. You can see how they were not too thrilled with their head gear! Here are the final three pics on my holiday cards, I call them the Three Wise Dogs! That is a joke. They are more like the Three crazed dogs!

I have some great news coming soon and I will pick up with the painting after Christmas. There is a possibility of 2 new commissions, The Winter Art Fair at Tioga in February, and I will be a part of the new High Springs Artist Co-Op in January. As soon as I have some final details I will fill you in. In the mean time, have a blessed, safe and happy Holiday Season.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Ultimate of God's handiwork, Bella has arrived!

Well I haven't spoke with all of you for a month now because I was very busy. Not painting or with the US Postal Service but helping my daughter, Heather, and son-in-law, Scott, welcome my new granddaughter, Isabella Kay into this world! Remember her name since she may be the subject of future portraits. She is beautiful, and was born a healthy, 8 pounds. I was in the delivery room and helped with the birth. It was a very exciting time for our family. Check out how lovely she is

I recently found out I was not accepted into the St. Stephen's Art Festival in South Florida for the 2010. They told me that my subject matter was an extremely popular one and so my scores were low. To a certain extent this was disturbing but a relief just the same. I really am not prepared for such an big show like that. I was stressing out on how I could prepare enough big quality work in the short time frame until it occurs. So, actually it is for the best. I would really like to prepare big and unique paintings for the more expensive and popular art shows. This year I plan to work on more figurative art, unusual pet portraits, and perfecting my skills. I will still paint landscapes but concentrate on creating one-of-a-kind paintings. I am entering the art festival at Tioga Town Center in February put on by my club, The Gainesville Art Association, look for further details!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Exhibition and Reception at Melrose Bay Gallery

I haven't posted for a month, sorry but life was so crazy busy. I went down south to Delray Beach for my daughter Heather's baby shower. That was very fun. My cousin Denise, flew in from New Jersey to attend and lots of family and friends were there. Food was delicious and we had a great time. Then my daughter began to have labor pains a week later. The baby is not due until Dec. 5 but now things have been revamped and I could become a new grandmother in Nov.! My bag is packed and I am ready to head south as soon as I get the word. We are very excited!

A little dark but this is how my art is displayed at Melrose.

This past weekend was the reception for the "Small Works, Big Ideas, Thinking Inside the Box" Exhibition at Melrose Bay Gallery. It was fun. Lots of artist's and friends came and all the small art was so creative. It was so interesting to see how other artist's conquered this challenge of producing small affordable art. My pieces are all priced under $100 and are available for purchase at Merose Bay Gallery, but if you are interested in any piece and cannot get out to the gallery contact me by email or you can see them and the prices on my website, Fine Art Oil Painting by Tina . I can set it up so you can get it from the gallery. I have added some new categories to the site, with miniatures, so check it out. Also while you are on the website, sign up for my free newsletter on my website and get all the latest info on my art, art history and stories of "On the Dogside".

The above pic is of abstracts by Roz Miller . Her work is so unique. She uses mixed media and is always happy to share her secrets with you. I love her colors they are so vivid and beautiful. The photo does not do them justice.

I wish I had taken more pictures. I guess those of yo
u who live close need to go check out the Melrose Bay Gallery to see all the wonderful artwork!

The following are my 7 miniatures in the Melrose show.

After the Rain - This is the view outside my front window on my property in High Springs Florida. The two trees in front are my favorite, one is maple and I am not sure what the other one is, but it is just beautiful. I always love to look outdoors through my bay window and one day after the rain, it just glowed. The rest of the property is filled with pine trees. Three open areas exist and this painting shows the one in the background where we plan to build our house.

The Beauty of Central Park - This past summer my family and I visited the lovely Central Park in New York City. It rained the entire time we were there but I managed to capture this beautiful scene when we were walking through the city. It always amazes me how such timeless beauty exists amongst one of the largest and busiest city's in the world.

Ill Colore d' Italia- This group of buildings in, Portofino, Italy was a variation of a larger painting I am doing for my daughter. Italy has drawn me to it for years, my father was Italian and I have family in Italy that I have never seen. I long to visit Italy and the land of my ancestors. Before my dad died in 2001, we had talked about traveling there so I can meet our family. My father had gone several times and had gotten to know them. One day soon, I plan to do the visit Italy and meet my family so many miles away.

Hollywood Beach Boardwalk - This is a spectacular beach area nestled between Fort Lauderdale and Miami. South Florida's best known secret. Condo development had tried to overtake it but the locals have fought hard to keep out the concrete, leaving it to remain quaint and lovely. Small mom and pop Canadian, Greek and Italian restaurants and businesses line the boardwalk, people bicycle, skate and walk day and night. As a teenager, I frequented this beach every summer day, getting as dark as baby oil would let me. As I got older and my kids were little, I would take them skating down the beach and for an ice cream, afterwords. It is still my favorite beach in the world even after visiting other more famous beaches.

Hayfields 2 - This is my second painting of local hay fields. One of the things that attracted us to this area of North Florida was the rolling hills. Different from any other Florida landscape, they all look so majestic with hay bales spread across the fields and soft clouds filling the expansive skies, making them irresistible to paint. It is why my husband and I love this place. My first Hayfield's sold during the first art exhibition at Art in City Hall in High Springs to Commissioner Shupe.

Ponce Inlet Lighthouse - In 2008, we stayed on Daytona Beach and on the day my husband, Jay and my son, Dillon went golfing, I explored Ponce Inlet. This a pretty little area just south of Daytona Beach. I never knew this breathtaking lighthouse existed and it is so well preserved. It is the tallest lighthouse in Florida and the second tallest, masonry, lighthouse in the nation. I was so proud to say I climbed the 203 stairs to the top of the 175 foot tower and even got a certificate for doing it! What a view it was!

Miracles Found
Here, Ground Zero - This painting is probably my most emotional subject I have ever painted. This summer we went to NYC and stopped to gaze emotionally at ground zero. As you know this is where the World Trade Center came down in the worst non-military disaster in our country's history, on Sept. 11, 2001. We noticed this lovely church tucked between modern skyscrapers and across from the hallowed ground of the new construction site of the World Trade Center. St. Paul's Chapel, an Episcopal Church, is beautiful inside and is filled with memorabilia from the many first responders who used the church for refuge during that dreadful day. It is also the church George Washington attended in 1789, for the short time New York City was our capital. His original pew was there to view.

In a couple of days I will post the pics of the Halloween Party at Hilltop Animal Hospital, a little late, as I confessed before. Lots of cool dog costumes. Talk with you soon!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

"Small Works/Big Ideas Thinking Inside the Box"

Pic 1 - Italy - A place of my ancestors and distant family and where I aspire to go soon!
Pic 2 - "After the Rain" This is outside my front window and our property in High Springs, it looks so pristine right after the rain. The two trees in front are my favorite, the left one is a lovely maple and I am not sure what the other is.
Pic 3 - "Walking through Central Park" I took this pic as you remember from our family trip to New York City in June. Central Park is a little bit of heaven in the middle of exciting and crazy NYC.
Pic 4 - Hollywood Boardwalk - This is my favorite beach on earth, where I spent my teenage years and took my kids skating at night on the boardwalk. The water is as blue as the pic and one of the rare places in South Florida where high rise development failed to take over.
Pic 5 - Hayfield 2, This is my second hayfield pic from State Road 236 in High Springs.

So lately I have been feverishly working on miniature paintings. They have actually been very fun to do and a challenge. I think I will call this collection "Favorite Places." I have been doing tiny paintings since I entered the Winter Fine Art Fair at Tioga, in Gainesville, Fl. last year sponsored by Gainesville Fine Arts Association . I originally did them as low cost simple pieces of art with small wooden easels packaged in a small bag and sold for under $25. I still have some of those on sale at the Garden Gallery on Main Street in Alachua Florida. These latest paintings are much more advanced and I have spent many more hours on them. Most will be framed in Plein Air gold frames or painted on gallery wrapped canvas and wired. I took all the photos that they are taken from except for the Italy pic,which I actually designed from my daughter's large Italy painting.

The exciting thing about the collection is that I was invited to participate in an art exhibition at The Melrose Bay Art Gallery located at 103 SR 26 in Melrose, Florida, Nov. 9 - Dec. 9, 2009. It is called "Small Works/Big Ideas Thinking inside the Box." The requirements for entry are very specific and your work, including frames, must fit within a specific criteria of space. The first 3 pics I produced for it are for the most part complete. The last two you can see are roughed in

and require more work. I will try to finish them this week.

These last two were roughed in while I was sitting at Reddick Dirt bike track where Jay and I hung out today with our son Stephen. He raced with all his GSR Team buddies. It is always exciting and nerve racking to see him race. Check out his new website with his newly formed team GSR at The site is soooo cool.

I am off again from work again tomorrow YEAH! I plan on working on Heather and Scott's Italy pic finally!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Art Class comes to an end!

Nine weeks went by fast and what a great experience it was. Melanie Peter is an excellent teacher and she was very helpful in improving my portrait skills. I would recommend the workshop "Building A Better Portrait," to anyone wanting to improve their painting skills. Melanie teaches you the basics you need to start and finish a portrait from a live model or photos. She is very informative and paints with you so you can see how to do it. She critiques and compliments and makes you feel very comfortable. These two photos were of the last two lessons. Now they are both done in less than three hours. The one of the male model is a color study with two different lights, one pink and one yellow. The other is of the female model wrapping up all that we learned. They are very primitive and I may finish the one of the woman since Melanie took photos of the models and emailed them to us if we wish to work further on them.

So now that my classes are over for this year, I plan to work on Sunday get as much done on my daughter's pic of Italy and also work on an upcoming show at Melrose Bay Gallery. I will fill you in later on in the week and tell you about the reception at Art in City Hall and High Springs first art walk!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Art in City Hall and High Springs Art Walk

Friday night was truly an art night in High Springs. The night started with the art reception for all the artists that exhibited their art in the city hall. Sandi Richmond did a great job as always and Commissioner Diane Shupe was responsible for art being front and center now in High Springs. Mrs. Shupe and her husband Ed are great art lovers and fill their home with it. My "Hayfield in Winter" picture now resides there! It was fun to talk with fellow artist's and many friends who attended. The mayor even said a few words. I have "Keeping the Watch" and "On the Road Home" on exhibition there and you can view my work and the entire exhibition in High Springs City Hall. The show runs until Dec. 2, 2009 in the City Commission Chambers located at 110 NW 1st Ave. You can view it everyday from 8am until 5pm unless there is a meeting going on.

The second part of the night was the Art Walk that was part of the monthly Fantastic Friday that goes on in town. Several stores stayed open late for shoppers and sponsored artists to show their work in their stores. Everyone walked around town and checked out the stores and the art. I had my paintings displayed upstairs above the Great Outdoors in what was the historic, "Opera House" while another reception was held with a wine bar. I sold a small pic called "Three Peppers" and I had so much fun getting to know a friend of Sandi Richmond's, Nancy, a jewelry artist and designer. We truly bonded over a glass of wine and we sat near our art.

I also bought a fabulous print from fellow artist,
John Strepe, he does wonderful deep color landscapes of our local area and springs. He did a lovely rendition of mainstreet in High Springs, I love it.

Bella' s Room

Last week I had vacation and spent it down in Delray Beach with my daughter, Heather and son-in-law, Scott. It was a great week, the weather was as always, beautiful, sunny and hot. My plan was to paint my future granddaughter's bedroom. I drove down early Sunday morning and had a super brunch at the country club in Boca Raton where Scott's parents live. The spread was amazing. Every fruit possible, the
blackberries was huge. Delicious breads for sandwiches with every possible salad combination. Plus bagels, eggs, and the usual breakfast fair. Later Heather and I found Jerry's Artarama. A great art store where I found all the
paints and supplies for the job. Monday I got up early and started on the room. It was a little tough starting since the walls are plastered with the knock down finish. As the day wore on it worked out great. I managed to complete almost the entire scene in 2 full days! Which left the last day to play. My mom came up and hung out with us on
Monday while I worked.

Each night it was fun to spend watching all the new TV shows with Scott and Heather since last week were all the season premieres. The last day I found a small window in time to get lunch with my favorite postal buddies from South Florida. We girls had a delicious lunch at Las Vegas a great Cuban restaurant in Pembroke Pines and then I had dinner at my best friend Susan's house. She made me more Spanish food. It is hard to get good ethnic food here in Gainesville so it is always a treat.

Bella's name and the spots on the giraffe are the exact colors of the spots in the pock-a-dot design for the baby's crib bedding set. I thought that would accent the whole room design. It is hard to tell in the photos but there are little hanging berries in the shape of hearts.

If anyone is interested in a wall mural such as this I would enjoy doing it. Of course price would be determined by the complexity of the design. I paint with quality acrylics so there are no fumes and easy clean up. I sealed the wall with acrylic varnish so the wall can be cleaned with a wet sponge, in case my granddaughter becomes and artist while in the crib! You can contact me and if you live locally it would be great. If you live in Florida, we can work something out since I have family all over the state that I can stay with. If you are out of state we can also make arrangements. I have lots to blog today, since I am way behind, so talk with you soon!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Boys are back

Rocky looks happy .................but doesn't Bullwinkle look bored?

I haven't talked about the boys for awhile. I feel kind of guilty. Rocky, Bullwinkle and Scooby have been stuck in the house a lot lately. They haven't gone anywhere but to Hilltop Animal Hospital for their annual check ups. Between work, painting and housework they have been very neglected. This coming week I will be going down south to my daughter's house to paint my, soon to be, granddaughter's bedroom wall with a cute scene and I may take Bullwinkle. He travels better than the other two and is the best behaved. He will just hang out in my daughter's house and not bother my daughter's dogs, Louie and Zoe. He has recently developed a rash or bites on the right side of his body. I think he laid in a bed of ants. He is not scratching too bad, he is eating and seems to feel okay, but he looks like he has a disease. He has to look lovely to travel by Sunday!

I took some recent photos of the boys. This one might be a candidate for a great pet portrait of Scooby, he is so photogenic. I will probably start sketching it soon. He has a great coat, when it is not shedding off his body and his coloring and muscles are fabulous.

I have definitely benefited from my art workshop with Melanie Peter. The past two weeks included doing color shapes in a quick portrait study and 60 two minute sketches of facial gestures. That was very hard. After the first 20 sketches my hand was tired but it was a great exercise.

Here is the portrait color study and then a samples of the the facial gesture drawings.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Italy in progress

I am finally making some progress on my daughter, Heather's Italy pic. I thought I would show you the stages of my work. It still needs much refining as you can see but it is coming along. Lines need to be improved and details enhanced. I have only had time to work on it for short periods. I hope to have it done by my vacation at the end of this month but most likely it will probably be done by her baby shower in October. If I could retire with the early out that the post office keeps dangling like a carrot in front of us I could finish lots of paintings! But the USPS won't let go of the 2% per year cut we would take if we leave before age 55, I am only 51. So I only have to sweat out 4 more years! I don't want to give up any of my retirement since I have made it this far. This Oct. makes 30 years with the PO!!! The best years were the seventheen I spent as the Postal Illustrator in South Florida, I miss those weekends off.

The images go from the latest work back to the beginning as I am sure you can tell.

Next time I will update you on some miniature paintings I
am working on. Melrose Art Gallery has invited me to be in a holiday exhibition I am very excited about.

Don't forget the holidays are right around the corner and if you are sitting on the fence about a commission now is the time to order one. I will work out a convenient payment plan to suit your needs and will in turn give you a quality Original piece of art made from only the best quality products. And don't forget if you are not completely satisfied I will refund you money within two weeks of your purchase. Let me know and check out my website for all finished new work.

Shadow shapes and 5 minute sketches

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day. It was super to have two days off in a row. I never got around to blogging last week so let's catch up. My Building a Better Portrait class was a week ago yesterday, Sunday. The subject was shadow shapes. We had to sketch the bust of the statue of David, by Michelangelo and a woman, with different lighting's just using shadows to depict the image. It was very helpful to get you to squint to see the shapes of the face in different light making your drawings more accurate.

For the last half hour we had to model and sketch each of us, students with 5 minute sketches. Melanie Peter, our teacher, said I did good. It was harder than I thought, and I need to practice this often. I plan on buying a small sketch book and maybe drawing the people I work with at the Post Office as I eat my lunch during the week. I will keep you posted. Modeling was a challenge too, try sitting still and not moving a muscle, five minutes turns out to be a long time. It makes you appreciate when you have someone model for you who sits for 15 or 30 minutes at a time.

This weekend was a free weekend, no class!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Portrait Workshop

Every Sunday for the past 3 weekends I have been attending a workshop as I have told you with artist, Melanie Peter, This has put me way behind on my painting. I have done little on my daughter's Italy pic and barely started my pic of the church across from Ground Zero in NYC. But I thought I would share with you my learning experiences. The class has been a challenge and I always begin the class slightly frustrated. Not in a bad way though, it is just that the drawing lesson's are a challenge and I am constantly learning. Melanie is a great teacher and each week I am learning something new. The main thing this whole experience has taught me is that I have to practice drawing every chance I get. I remember reading in Linda Blondheim's blog how she talked about that very same issue. Here are some samples of my class assignments. They look a little strange, because of the different use of charcoal, and oil paint, and exactly what we are drawing. My shadow drawing of the woman model, I felt I made her look like Geronimo, the American Indian, but Melanie, my teacher seems to think I did a good job.

The first pics were of plaster casts of lips, nose and an ear, I did not have time for the eye. Then of course my "Geronimo" and this week was a lesson in the planes of the face and scull. This was hard to get all the right values of the many planes. The eyes look strange because the cast had one eye more developed than the other. I call him "GI Joe". We will see how I do next week. I look forward to it!

Tubing on the Santa Fe River

Finally, some cool pics of my family tubing down the Santa Fe River. I have been so busy with work and my portrait workshop on Sunday's that I haven't posted for awhile, so sorry. We started our trip down the river at beautiful Ginny Springs. The camera was a cheap water camera so the quality is poor on the photos. I thought I would get some good pics to paint but they are just not nice enough. I need to go there with my good Canon to get some painting shots. I will share these with you anyway. The first two here might be possible painting subjects, I would have to work with them. There are so many colors in the water, it was gorgeous, cool but not freezing, except by the spring itself. As you can see the water is a beautiful turquoise by the actual hole of the spring. Lots of people dive into the hole into the underground caves, but it is very scary. It is actually considered the most dangerous sport in the world. Not only is it very dark below the surface but the force of water that pushes you out of the hole is exhausting. The sights must be amazing though. You can check out more on the springs site, . I did see some cool turtles sunning themselves on the shore that would have made great subjects but the camera did not capture them well. Then the boys saw a gator slip into the river close to where Heather and I were floating, that was scary. The worse part was that two teenage girls saw it too and started splashing and screaming, which would only bring attention to themselves with the gator. I wanted to drown them myself. To the best of my knowledge there has never been a gator attack with the floaters. Hopefully they are more frightened of us than we are of them. Yeah, right!

My son-in-law, Scott and daughter, Heather, had a great time and found it very relaxing. The river naturally takes you lazily down. Lots of people take advantage of the river in the summer, it was quite crowded when we rented our tubes. Other people get quite ingenious with their floats and there were all kinds of shapes and sizes. Some even put their coolers on floats with their refreshments, beer! Some huge floats were multi contraptions for several people with drink slots for each. We will definitely look for floats that can enhance the experience in the future and our whole family plans on doing this again.

My husband Jay and son Dillon went with us so that was great. Then my son, Stephen came home for a quick overnight visit from University of Central Florida to join us so that was a surprise. The whole family was together for a spectacular day!